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Thrustmaster T300RS GT : Test & Review

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Not so long ago, the only way we could get into the shoes of a racing driver was with a controller and a game with a cockpit view. With the progress we’ve made in the last few years, the game experience we offer today is nothing like it used to be.

The simple fact of having a steering wheel revolutionizes the feeling and immerses you completely in the race. But which steering wheel to buy ? It is not easy to find your way through all the models on the market.

The French brand Thrustmaster, a leader in Sim-racing equipment, offers steering wheels that revolutionize the game. We took a look at his Thrustmaster T300RS GT steering wheel which we tested for you and decided to tell you about today.

In this article, we will list the main features of this model, tell you about its advantages and disadvantages, the type of player we recommend it to, and also tell you where to get it and at what price.

The characteristics of the Thrustmaster T300RS GT

t300rs gt steering wheel

The Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition steering wheel is a high-end force feedback model, which is based on the brand’s previous model considered its little brother, the T300RS.

We have made a list of its main characteristics:

  • The Thrustmaster T300RS GT steering wheel is 28 cm in diameter and features a reinforced and textured rubber coating over its entire surface. In the center of the steering wheel is the official GT Logo.
  • This model is equipped with a complete driving equipment. It has a multidirectional cross, 13 action buttons and official PlayStation buttons.
  • Two large, fixed, 13 cm, all-metal sequential sh ifters are located on the steering wheel.
  • The Thrustmaster T300RS GT features a 25-watt brushless motor for responsive and realistic force feedback.
  • It features a dual belt system that gives you smooth gaming sessions with no dead spots.
  • This model features the patented HallEffect AccuRate Technology (H.E.A.R.T) with non-contact magnetic sensor. This technology allows the engine to deploy 16 Bits of resolution or about 65536 values on the direction axis.
  • The Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition features the Thrustmaster Quick Release system, for quick and easy steering wheel changes that allow you to exploit different racing worlds.
  • This model isofficially licensed by PlayStation and Gran Turismo. It is a steering wheel compatible with PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.
  • A 3-pedal pedalboard T3PA GT is included with this wheel, but it is also compatible with the T-LCM Ped als as well as the Thrustmaster TH8A and TSS Hand brake shifters and handbrakes which are sold separately.
  • The Thrustmaster T300RS GT steering wheel features a Tact Switch system that provides the hardware with up to 10 million activations or more.
  • The connection is wired and is done via USB.
  • Dimensions (width / height / depth): 35 x 32 x 45 cm
  • Weight steering wheel : 4,5 kg – Weight pedals : 4 kg

For what type of person?

This model is officially licensed to PlayStation and Gran Turismo but is not exclusively reserved for GT enthusiasts or owners of the brand’s console.

Those who prefer F1 or iRacing will also be able to enjoy the incredible sensations provided by the Thrustmaster T300RS GT.

It is also a steering wheel that is suitable for the whole family, both adults and children, men and women.

Its advantages

This GT edition of the Thrustmaster T300RS steering wheel offers a very good gaming experience thanks to a number of advantages.

We first appreciated the responsive and powerful force feedback effects that make the Thrustmaster T300RS GT a reference in terms of feel. Thanks to its new H.E.A.R.T technology and magnetic sensors, this steering wheel, whose force feedback is provided by a brushless motor and a proven dual belt system, is hyper-reactive, without latency, realistic and silent.

Secondly, we were delighted with the design of this Thrustmaster steering wheel, as well as its build quality. Made of metal with a reinforced rubber coating, this model is very resistant and robust. You won’t risk damaging it quickly or having scratches appear on it quickly.

What we also particularly liked about the Thrustmaster T300RS GT steering wheel is the pedal board model that comes with it.

crankset t300rs gt

The brand understood that the one that was included with the T300RS was not enough and it has done what was necessary to remedy this. This time we have the privilege of having a derivative of the T3PA, a three-pedal pedal board that is robust and very comfortable. For added realism, the internal structure is made entirely of metal and the pedals can be easily adjusted to your body shape.

The Thrustmaster T300RS GT steering wheel featuresa new dual-belt mechanism that allows you to adjust the steering wheel angle from 270° to 1080° (three full turns) and that’s a real plus. This is an additional feature that allows you to enjoy even more realism during the game.

Another advantage of the T300RS GT is that it is compatible with the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, but also with the PC for which a complete driver allows you to make the necessary adjustments in a simple and fast way. In addition to that, this model has the Quick Release system that allows you to change the wheel in a few seconds and it has full compatibility with all Thrustmaster brand wheels. This allows you to easily adapt your steering wheel to your racing style, whether it’s GT, F1 or rally.

Its disadvantages

Beyond the fact that the Thrustmaster T300RS GT steering wheel does not offer any significant changes over the T300RS that preceded it, following our test, we noted other negative points about it.

First of all, even if it’s not a primary criterion, we thought it was a shame that Thrustmaster didn’t include a shifter with this steering wheel model. At the price of the T300RS GT, we would have appreciated it if it had one and we didn’t have to add the price of a lever to our budget.

Secondly, we found that the distance of the paddles from the steering wheel was a bit far. This can be quite embarrassing for some people. In addition, they are necessarily mobile since there is no mechanism to make them fixed.

Regarding the pedalboard, the fact that the brake pedal is not adjustable is problematic in our opinion. Indeed, as this one uses the Conical Rubber Brake technology, it unfortunately does not have the possibility of being laterally shifted. This can be a problem for owners of a cockpit with a central bar who will have no choice but to dispense with the clutch pedal and will have to configure the brake on the left pedal.

Where to get it and for how much?

Like almost all of the brand’s steering wheels, you can purchase the T300RS GT on the official Thrustmaster website. It is currently sold at € 399.99.

However, we recommend that you order it on Amazon. com to receive it faster. Moreover, it is sometimes on promotion.

It is possible to buy your gaming equipment on second-hand websites at much lower prices. However, beware of possible scams and pay close attention to the condition of the steering wheel before you decide to buy it.


We really weren’t disappointed with the performance of the Thrustmaster T300RS GT steering wheel. The brand has not made major changes from its previous model, the T300RS, but most of the details that were lacking have been corrected.

When it was released, the T300RS GT was positioned as one of the best PlayStation 4 wheels on the market, and that’s no surprise. Its power, precision and sturdiness combined with its stable and comfortable crankset offer an impressive feeling of realism. The force feedback and vibration felt with this steering wheel really gives you the feeling of driving a real race car.

After this test, we place the T300RS GT steering wheel at the top of its class. If you are looking for a quality mid-range steering wheel, we can only recommend this model from Thrustmaster!


Thrustmaster T300RS GT

A robust and precise mid-range steering wheel

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