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The 5 Best Dynamic Simulators (with actuator)

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E-sport driver & Sim Racing enthusiast, I decided to share my passion on this website.

Experiencing hyper-realistic driving while sitting in your room may seem difficult. But today, thanks to dynamic driving simulators, it’s much simpler than it seems.

We have had the opportunity to closely examine several of these renowned devices on the market, which is why we have decided to present our selection of the best dynamic simulator models today. In this article, we will also see together what a dynamic simulator is, what types we can find on the market and how to choose the right model.

TRAKRACER TR160 MK4: The best dynamic simulator on the market

trakracer dynamic simulator

The Trak Racer TR160 MK4 is the ultimate high-end dynamic simulator. Constructed from high-quality black-anodized extruded aluminum, it offers maximum strength and rigidity for an ultra-realistic look.

Compatible with the majority of steering wheels, pedals and gear levers on the market, it comes with the TR One upgradeable wheel mounting system, allowing you to upgrade only certain parts according to your needs. Its Premium slide kit guarantees fast, precise adjustment of the seating position.

With over 30 optional accessories, the TR160 MK4 is the perfect choice if you’re looking for the ultimate configuration. It will provide you with driving sensations of unprecedented fidelity.

If your budget allows, the Trak Racer TR160 MK4 should be right at the top of your list! It’s the dynamic simulator offering the best performance and feel on the market today.

Its Advantages

  • Premium extruded aluminum structure for maximum rigidity
  • TR One evolutionary wheel mounting system
  • Over 30 accessories available
  • Hyper-realistic driving sensations


Its Disadvantages

  • High price
  • Large footprint once configured

Prosimu T1000

prosimu t1000

Available in 2, 3, 5 and even 7 motion versions, Prosimu dynamic simulators are the best on the Sim Racing market today.

Imagine yourself in the shoes of a racetrack driver, feeling every turn and acceleration with gripping reality. With Prosimu simulators, you will feel the reactions of your vehicle and the road, as if you were really on a track.

The 2 motion version already allows an incredible realism. With this version, you will be able to feel every turn and every brake in an incredibly realistic way.

If you’re willing to spend a little more, the higher versions will give you an even more immersive experience. You will be able to feel every oversteer, every loss of grip, every grip and every mass transfer of your vehicle. A real pleasure for driving enthusiasts!

Prosimu simulators are compatible with more than 100 games, including of course the most popular ones used in sim-racing (Assetto corsa, iRacing, Automobilista, Forza, Rfactor, etc.). Moreover, they are pre-configured and plug and play, you will be able to play as soon as it is unpacked.

Made of the finest materials, they are designed to provide you with an unforgettable simulation experience, day after day. With a reinforced metal structure, you’ll be able to feel every movement with incredible precision, without any distortion or loss of fidelity.

The ProSimu T1000 dynamic simulator offers an excellent driving comfort thanks to its adjustable and tilting pedal support for an optimal driving position. The steering wheel mount is pre-drilled with adjustable arms for compatibility with most steering wheels on the market. And for an even more immersive driving experience, you can also opt for an optional gearbox holder / HOTAS.

Prosimu chassis promises an ultra-realistic simulation that puts you right in the middle of the action. So, are you ready for a unique experience?

Its Advantages

  • An unparalleled sense of realism
  • Robust metal frame
  • Comfort and perfect ergonomics

Its Disadvantages

  • Its high price

The Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3


next level racing motion v3

This Next Level Racing model is a dynamic simulator without cockpit. It is a motorized displacement platform to be easily integrated into your cockpit.

The Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3 is capable of supporting up to 130 kg of weight and is totally compact and very powerful. Its speed can reach up to 360° of acceleration. The shakes are very realistic, fast and totally fluid with the game.

It integrates a software developed by the same brand (Next Level Racing Platform Manager), which is compatible with the best simulators on the market, both for racing and for flying. It has a long list of compatible games. Just look at their website and see that they are constantly updating the list.

This system has many positive reviews, as it is amotion technology developed by the best European engineers. It is also important to note that in addition to all its accessories and features, it is compatible with GT Ultimate Cockpit.

Its Advantages

  • It is compatible with the seats of the same brand.
  • It can be integrated with cockpits of other brands.
  • Compatible with all virtual reality platforms on the market.

Its Disadvantages

  • Its price is relatively high

The RSeat G1 1500 Sim Racing Cockpit


RSeat G1 1500 Sim Racing Cockpit

The RSeat G1 offers the only officially licensed and FIA approved haptic system on the market today.

This system allows you to experience the sensations as they would be felt by your body in the real world, thanks to a unique presence effect.

Plug and play, simple to set up and use, the D-BOX 4250i Gen3 box and its 4 actuators offer unparalleled haptic feedback with an enormous amount of detail and information. It is extremely versatile and adapts to a multitude of motorsport disciplines: GT, rally, F1…

Offering maximum realism and responsiveness, D-BOX’s haptic solutions provide a highly accurate feel for motion, tilt, oscillation, vibration, texture and many other complex phenomena.

The Rseat G1 is equipped with an RSeat bucket seat in black eco leather (Alcantara version available as an option), and is suitable for users from 1.27 m to over 2 m.

It supports any Direct Drive steering wheel as well as Load Cell or hydraulic pedals. In addition, it has a wide range of adjustments, including sliders to adjust the seat and pedals.

The RSeat G1 1500 allows for the installation of any accessory on the left or right side of the chassis, including the gearshift and handbrake holder, keyboard and mouse holder, tablet holder and buttonbox.

Its Advantages

  • Its haptic system is officially licensed and approved by the FIA.
  • Many settings are possible.
  • Comfort and ergonomics at the top.

Its Disadvantages

  • Its high price

The RSeat N1 M4A 1500 Dynamic D-BOX


  RSeat N1 M4A 1500 Dynamic D-BOX

The RSeat N1 is a customizable luxury product made fromlaser-cut carbon steel and carbon steel tubing.

The platform is equipped with a racing seat made of real Alcantara material that can accommodate users with a waist circumference of up to 106-112 cm. The seat is mounted on slides to allow for 120 mm of fore and aft adjustment and can support a weight of up to 160 kg.

Pedal, seat and steering wheel positions are fully adjustable. The seat and pedal plate are mounted on sliding rails to ensure that the user can run in a comfortable posture. This model allows for a Rally and GT seating position.

The RSeat N1 is available in a selection of black, white and silver powder coated color combinations. The platform can be equipped with a collection of optional accessories such as buttkicker mounts, speaker mounts, shelf and button box mounts, shifter and handbrake mounts and more.

The Rseat N1 is equipped with D-BOX software, which is Windows PC compatible only, a D-BOX Kai-1P USB joystick and a D-BOX 4250i motion actuator kit (4 actuators) with 1.5″ lift.

Its maximum speed is 100 mm/sec and its maximum acceleration is 1 g-force.

The N1 isn’t cheap, but you get what you pay for with a high-quality, fully adjustable platform.

Its Advantages

  • Comfort and ergonomics at the top.
  • Many adjustments are possible.

Its Disadvantages

  • No support for the lumbar region.
  • High price.

The RSeat RS1 M4A


RSeat RS1 M4A

The RSeat RS1 M4A is a new generation simulator built in a modular design. You will be able to upgrade and build your RS1 simulator from the basic platform to full motion.

The RS1 M4A comes with a shifter bracket and seat sliders as well as the following accessories: Buttkicker stand, tablet stand, keyboard and mouse tray, speaker stand.

The RSeat RS1 M4A is equipped with the “D-BOX” systemwhich includes D-BOX software, compatible with Windows PCs only.

In addition, this model features a D-BOX KAI-1P USB controller, a D-BOX ™ 4250i motion actuator kit (4 actuators) and a D-BOX RS1 CNC laser-cut carbon steel adapter frame to hold the actuators.

The RS1 M4A is available in 2 color combinations depending on the color of the seat and frame. The frame is available in matte black or matte white powder coating.

The RS1 seat assembly can be tilted 4° and the seat sliders allow for front to back adjustment ± 90 mm (3.54 inches). This model offers a Rally and GT seating position.

The RSeat RS1 is a highly durable model that offers good ergonomics combined with a unique look and sleek lines.

Its Advantages

  • Very nice elegant design with beautiful finishes.
  • Robust and rigid with a long life span.
  • Support for gearshift provided.

Its Disadvantages

  • Little adjustment proposed for the gearshift support.

The RSeat RS Formula M4A


RSeat RS Formula M4A

RSeat has designed the RSeat RS Formula to provide the ultimate driving experience for single-seater simulation fans. Just like in a real open-wheel vehicle, you will be lying down while driving. This position adds a lot of immersion during the game.

The RSeat RS Formula is equipped with the D-BOX 4250i motion actuator kit (Windows compatible only) located on a laser-cut carbon steel RSeat D-BOX Frame adapter for actuator support. It is also equipped with a D-BOX KAI-1P USB controller.

The 4 cylinders provide 3-axis movement to stimulate roll, pitch and vibration as you drive the simulator.

The pedals and seat are fully electrically adjustable. They can be moved horizontally to extend or reduce the distance between them and can be moved independently of each other, allowing the seating position to be adjusted to almost any body proportion. You control the electric motors with 4 buttons conveniently located on the right side of the chassis.

Compared to an ordinary simulation cockpit, the RSeat Formula RS forces you to lie down, put your weight and mass in the seat. This will generate a much more detailed feedback of the tactics and movement systems used. This gives you a higher sense of detail when it comes to feeling the movement and immersion in the movement.

The RSeat RS Formula also allows you to install other accessories such as speakers, monitors, keyboard and mouse tray, gear shift and more.

Its Advantages

  • Fully electric pedal and seat adjustment.
  • Comfort and ergonomics at the top.
  • Incredible game feel, especially with the playing position.

Its Disadvantages

  • Its high price.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about dynamic cylinder simulators

What is a dynamic cylinder simulator?

A dynamic simulator is a robotic platform that recreates a realistic driving experience of a virtual vehicle. Many of these developments exist for entertainment or business purposes. In any case, these equipments need an advanced computer system to generate replicas of the driving movements.

A motion simulator is a platform that includes various accessories and devices, in the form of a play booth, in which the racing seat is installed. On some models, you can also add your monitor, console, steering wheel base, pedals and anything else you need to perfect your gaming experience. To explain it simply, it will generate tilts, shocks, vibrations, shocks, braking… It will recreate all these sensations that you would have in a real car or a real vehicle.

What types of simulators can I find?

There are many types of simulators: those for learning to drive and those designed for sim-racing, for practicing flying, driving trucks or trains.

But, when we talk about a dynamic simulator (with motion), we refer to two types:

Dynamic simulators with cockpit: These are the products that want to offer you an “all-in-one”. We have not only the platform that produces the tilts, but also the base to place the whole game cabin or cockpit. It is fully assembled and integrated for your steering wheel base, pedals and monitors.

The dynamic simulator without cockpit: These models are individual. They only include the base and that’s the equipment you’re going to put on the floor to integrate with everything else. This option is ideal for players who prefer to equip their own space, without having to fit into a cabin, and can customize every aspect of their simulator. These models are generally less expensive.

How to choose a dynamic simulator ?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before buying a dynamic simulator:

  • Before you buy, always keep in mind the support compatibilities.

  • Watch out for the accessories. You will need at least pedals or levers in a basic cockpit.
  • Never buy a motion simulator just for its price. It may not meet your expectations.
  • Check the operation of the motor. Make sure it is as fast and accurate as you want it to be.
  • Consider the opinions of users. With these, you can determine if it will meet your needs.
  • Check the maximum supported weight. It must not only be able to support your body, but also the weight of the seat.


In brief – Conclusion

The truth is that a dynamic simulator is not necessary for Sim-racing and you can play your favorite games with a basic system. But if you want a fully immersive experience, you’ll need it!

We hope our article and tips will help you determine which dynamic simulator model best suits your needs. If you are still hesitating,the 5 models we have selected for you are sure values.

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