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Moza Racing, the new brand of Sim-racing in vogue

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It was only a matter of time before Chinese manufacturers began to enter the sim-racing market and establish themselves as strong competitors.

Recently, the Chinese brand Moza Racing, initially dedicated to the manufacture of audio-visual solutions, has become known by the simracing community with a complete ecosystem of solutions: bases, steering wheels, pedals and even dashboards.

So we decided to tell you more about it. In this article, we will tell you everything there is to know about the Moza Racing brand, from its history to its products.

The Moza Racing brand: its history and its place in the market

Founded in 2012 by automotive engineers and Simracing drivers, Gudsen MOZA is the world’s leading manufacturer of camera stabilizers, gimbal cameras, and simulation gears. It is a leading innovator in camera stabilization systems and vehicle stability technology.

Moza Racing is relatively new in the world of Sim-Racing since it is only from 2021 that the brand enters the Sim-racing market by developing a complete ecosystem which includes direct drive force feedback steering wheels, steering wheel bases, aluminum alloy pedals, digital instrument panels and control software.

The products they have released have so far been met with relative praise as they seek to challenge the big names in Sim-racing, but the initial impression is very positive.

Moza Racing seems to be building a nice ecosystem of products that will continue to grow over time. On top of that, their support infrastructure is very good, responding quickly to any questions. This is always a good sign for a business because you can be assured that people are on hand in case of a problem.

The Moza Racing brand seems determined to create innovative and professional sim-racing equipment that drivers can rely on for quality and endurance.

The Moza Racing product line

The complete Moza Racing brand ecosystem includes bases, direct drive force feedback wheels, pedals and dashboards, among others.

Moza Racing steering wheel bases

R9 Direct Drive


moza racing r9 direct drive

Moza Racing targets the entry-level direct drive market with its R9 base.

Its motor has a maximum torque of 9 Nm and is housed in a black or white aluminum case measuring 240 mm x 157 mm x 124 mm.

The R9 is a small unit with a high build quality, which is a big advantage when it comes to mounting, especially for those who plan to use the optional desk stand.

The R9 base is only compatible with PC. Pit House software allows you to control force and force feedback details, as well as save individual playing profiles. In addition to the PC software, the base station can also be controlled from a telephone application.

R16 Direct Drive

moza r16

Inspired by supercars, the base R16 has a 3D sculpted body and a two-tone automotive paint finish. It’s the perfect fusion of design and power.

Made ofaircraft grade aluminum alloy, it gives the rider the right weight and feel.

The base is equipped with an optimized motor that offers virtually zero ripple and torque cogging.

Thanks to its encoder, the R16 has an exceptional ability to understand the wheel position to seamlessly reproduce the racing feel.

R21 Direct Drive

moza r21

The Moza R21 Direct Drive steering wheel base is the most powerful base in the Moza line and is compatible with all products in the Moza Racing ecosystem.

Compared to its 9 and 16 Nm brothers, the R21 DD servo motor produces a whopping 21 Nm of peak torque .

The unit is equipped with a D1 compatible Quick Release and a number of connection ports. All settings and features can be managed directly through the Moza application.

Moza Racing wheels


moza cs

The MOZA CS steering wheel offers exceptional quality and features a 33 cm wheel for a realistic racing experience.

Equipped with a robust QuickRelease system to allow for wheel changes in seconds without compromising rigidity, the new CS steering wheel is also equipped with 6 programmable buttons.

The CS steering wheel also offers drivers two universal joysticks and two rotary dials. Forged carbon fiber magnetic paddles with non-contact photoelectric technology make the shift paddles extremely stable and reduce shifting errors.


moza gs

The Moza Racing GS steering wheel is a 30 cm Formula 1 or GT style model with an extremely beautiful design. This is a high quality steering wheel designed to give you all the features you need as a sim pilot.

The steering wheel is made of 5 mm thick carbon fiber, flanked by two Alcantara handles. Magnetic shift paddles and dual analog clutch paddles join a robust QuickRelease system at the rear of the wheel. The front of the steering wheel is equipped with 10 illuminated buttons, two rotary dials, five 12-position dials and two joysticks.

The colors of the light bar and light buttons can be customized in the included Pit House software.


moza rs

The 33 cm RS steering wheel is made of Alcantara, and the panel and shift paddles are made of forged carbon fiber. Magnetic paddle shifters provide fast and responsive gear changes.

You can manage complex operations with15 programmable buttons, 2 universal joysticks and 2 twenty-segment buttons .

It is equipped with a QuickRelease system that allows you to change the steering wheel in one second.

The RS steering wheel features a full LED strip with support for 256 RGB colors. Full customization is done via Moza Racing’s Pit House Suite software.

Moza Racing pedalboards

SR-P Pedals

moza s rp

Made fromhigh-strength steel to ensure superior quality and exceptional endurance, the Moza S-RP pedalboard offers adjustable pedal spacing and can be connected directly to a PC via USB.

With a high-precision pressure sensor up to 75 kg, drivers can better control pedal pressure through muscle memory, allowing for a smoother driving experience.

A non-slip mat at the bottom keeps the pedals from slipping when used on a floor, while the SRP pedal design allows you to mount the pedals on pedalboards or cockpit stands.

CRP Pedals

moza crp

Almost all parts of the CRP crankset are made of CNC aluminum alloy. This provides the driver with a solid, durable platform that can handle the hard braking and quick work of the foot on the throttle.

CRP pedals feature Moza’s Mpressure. A high precision load cell sensor providing the most accurate means of measuring applied force.

Moza Racing’s patented pedal angle adjustment structure allows for a wide range of adjustments.

Other Moza Racing accessories

HD digital dashboard – CM

moza hd cm

The MOZA CM digital dashboard is a 5-inch color 5-inch color HD dashboardwith 16.7 million colors and a resolution of 800 x 480, which guarantees a breathtaking image quality. The slim, floating futuristic dashboard features a refresh rate of 60 Hz and is compatible with most mainstream sim racing titles.

HD digital dashboard – RM

moza hd rm

The Moza RM Digital Dashboard is a 5-inch color HD dashboard with 16.7 million colors and a screen resolution of 800 × 480. Drivers have a stunning digital dashboard that can display car status, lap times, etc. It is encased in a solid aluminum alloy frame. The monitor has a refresh rate of 60 Hz. Thus, there is no ghosting or motion blur.


The Moza Racing brand brand is very new to the sim-racing market, but it is already extremely promising. Moza’s product line is very interesting, as we introduced in this article.

Will Moza Racing be able to compete with the biggest brands such as Fanatec or Thrustmaster? The future will tell! In the meantime, don’t hesitate to test her products for yourself.

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