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The 5 Best Shoes for Sim-racing

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Sim-racing shoes are a fundamental part of every driver’s sportswear. Together with the gloves, it is clearly one of the most sold accessories, after of course the most important ones such as the cockpit and the steering wheel.

Although the pedals on almost all steering wheels are prepared to handle all the acceleration and braking pressure you can exert with your weight and strength, it’s still a good idea to wear good racing shoes. There are different brands on the market with a variety of models, so it is not always easy to know which one to choose and which one is the most suitable for Sim-racing and what advantages it will offer us during the game.

In this article, we will tell you what advantages Sim-racing shoes offer you, we will also tell you on what criteria to buy them and of course we will present you our selection of the 5 best Sim-racing shoes you can find at the moment.


The best sim racing shoes at a glance


What benefits do I get from Sim-racing shoes?

The feet play a fundamental role in driving, they are the ones that send the acceleration signal, it is with them that you brake and stop the car or, for the most professional, it is with the feet that you perform the heel-toe maneuver. In the simulated driving, your feet will lead you to victory if you are able to detect the braking pressure or during acceleration.

In our opinion, wearing Sim-racing shoes offers the following benefits:

  • You can extend the life of your pedals if you use them with shoes designed for them.
  • You will avoid dirtying them with dirty soles that bring back all the dirt from the street.
  • You will feel the pedals with Sim-racing shoes and you will gain precision in driving.
  • You will gain grip, so your feet won’t slip and you will improve your reaction time.
  • Your feet should sweat less.
  • And then, in addition to the notable advantages, it gives you the feeling of being a real race driver and professionalism is also gained with these small details.

But of course, all of this means getting equipped with good sim-racing shoes. The shoe must be comfortable, flexible and breathable.

What should I look for when buying Sim-Racing shoes?

No matter what type of sim-racing equipment you purchase, it is important to have some semblance of a budget in mind. But there are other factors to consider and the amount of choice out there can be quite daunting. How do you know what makes a pair of Sim-racing shoes objectively good? In our opinion, the model must meet the following criteria:


Whether you’re playing for fun or in an online competition, the last thing you want is blisters on your feet and general discomfort while playing. It will become the only thing you think about! Feeling comfortable in your shoes is essential.


The stiffer the shoe, the more uncomfortable it will be and the harder it will be to operate the pedals properly, so look for a soft shoe.


We recommend that you use a rubber sole to improve your grip on the pedals. Rubber is a material that, in addition to being light and flexible, has a great capacity to hold and grip, which will allow us to use the pedals for long sessions and play without slipping.

Thickness of the sole

The thinner the sole, the more tactical and precise we will have, there are people who even prefer to play with socks.


The 5 best Sim-racing shoes models

We have selected for you our 5 favorite Sim-racing shoes that we present here, in order of preference.

Abruzzi Sim Racing custom shoes

abruzzi shoes simracing

You can’t beat a custom-made racing boot designed specifically for simulation drivers! Abruzzi has specialized in producing brilliant and eye-catching designs for kart racing for many years, and has recently moved into simulation racing with great success.

A pair of Abruzzi Sim-racing shoes is an experience like no other. In addition to the comfort that these shoes guarantee you, you offer yourself the pleasure of wearing a model that you have customized yourself!

In fact, after selecting the starter style on their site, you can choose from a plethora of colors for each part of your shoes; the main area, the strap, the lace panel, the heel, the side band and the toes.

You can then choose the custom text you want to appear on the strap of the shoe. You can choose the name you want to appear and a number, followed by the flag you want to represent.

Now, as for the shoes themselves, they are made of completely lightweight materials inspired by Abruzzi’s expertise in making go-kart shoes. The suede and/or leather, depending on what you choose, are highly breathable to keep your feet from overheating.

One of the best features of these shoes is the specialized sole and the high level of grip. The insole is also padded for added comfort so you can play for hours without getting tired.

At the price where Abruzzi Sim Racing shoes are sold, you would be wrong to deprive yourself!

Its Advantages

  • Fully customized and handmade.
  • Lightweight with a thin but grippy sole.
  • Quality materials.

Its Disadvantages

  • Long waiting time due to customized process.

Sparco SL-17 shoes

sparco sl17

The Sparco brand is a leader in the sale of racing related products. The materials used in the construction of its products are of high quality.

Among his many designs, we suggest you take a look at his Sparco SL-17 shoe model, one of the favorites of expert and regular Sim-racing players.

This low top shoe is made from lightweight faux leather. In addition, the Sparco SL-17 shoes have P6 racing soles, which make them soft and thin and increase the feel of the simulator pedals.

Inspired by the equipment of a rally driver, these shoes have a very trendy design and are also very comfortable.

They are also designed along Sparco’s signature lines: the SPX seatbelt curves at the heel, they have Sparco shoulder straps on the sides, and the lace holes mimic the details of the R100S belt loops.

In our opinion, the Sparco SL-17 shoes offer a very good compromise between budget and quality and should not disappoint you!

Its Advantages

  • Very flexible P6 running soles.
  • They are very comfortable and very light.

Its Disadvantages

  • Sensitivity can still be improved.

OMP KS-3 shoes

omp ks3

The OMP KS-3 shoes were originally designed for karting, but we found them excellent for sim-racing.

The shoes are made of suede leather, an excellent material because of its light property and its simultaneous comfort factor

The sole of the shoe is very thin, allowing you to feel the pedals, and it has been treated to maintain a high level of grip even in the pouring rain. This means that whether you wear them while simulating in the comfort of your own home or on an outdoor racetrack, you can rest assured that your feet won’t slip off the pedals.

We would like to point out that the thinness of the soles is not synonymous with fragility. The outer parts of the shoes have hardened leather parts to prevent wear.

The OMP KS-3 also has side ventilation systems to keep you cool in the summer.

They are durable, comfortable, offer good anti-fatigue features such as a flexible Achilles insert in the heel to prevent blisters and their design is really not bad either.

The OMP KS-3 ‘s aren’t exactly cheap, but if you’re into Sim-racing or karting, this is a great shoe option, as you’ll only need to buy a pair.

Its Advantages

  • They are comfortable and flexible.
  • They offer lateral ventilation.

Its Disadvantages

  • They are not specifically designed for Sim-racing.

Sparco Formula RB-8 shoes

sparco rb8

The Sparco Formula RB-8 shoes are, in our opinion, the best models of the brand. They were actually created based on feedback from some of the professional drivers and the brand has introduced some unique features for these shoes.

The Sparco Formula RB-8 are made of a new leather with a matte finish and a soft feel that fits the foot better: the foot moves more easily and the leather adapts to its shape. The elastic fabric in the back facilitates the movement of the ankle.

The next generation outsole features an all-new lightweight pure rubber construction to improve pedal feel while maintaining anti-static properties and fuel/oil resistance, as well as leather lateral reinforcements for shock absorption.

The mid-high boot design is comfortable and features a unique Achilles stretch panel for maximum maneuverability and comfort. The ultra-soft calf leather upper uses perforated vents to maximize airflow, while a pre-shaped anatomical insole improves fit and ergonomics.

The lining is made of cotton-modacrylic fabric combined with highly breathable extended Pu. and the insole is padded.

The simple hook and loop top strap closure combines with Sparco Speed-Laces for added support and comfort adjustments (regular laces included). The dowel flange is adjustable and the fastening system is fast and ultra-light.

In this collection you will find 4 Sparco Formula RB-8 models in different combinations: silver and black, white and blue, white and black, red and black.

We can only recommend the Sparco Formula RB-8 sim-racing shoes, which even professional drivers love!

Its Advantages

  • They are quickly attached to the foot.
  • Protection against shocks.
  • Non-slip rubber sole.
  • FIA approval.

Its Disadvantages

  • Price is quite high.

Alpinestars Tech-1 T shoes

alpinestars 1t17

Finally, we present our favorite sim-racing shoes: the Alpinestars TECH 1-T shoes.

Originally designed as karting shoes, the Alpinestars TECH 1-T may finally be much better for simulation racing. Their soles have a tread pattern that mimics an asymmetrical tire to give an almost unparalleled level of grip. They are quite thin, which is great for simulation games because they allow you to feel the pedal better than normal running shoes.

The price of the Alpinestars TECH 1-T is quite high, but it is worth it considering the quality of this model.

This model is made of high quality leather and suede that will probably last you a lifetime.

They also have an advantage that many Sim-racing shoes lack: a Velcro strap that acts as an extra support for the ankle, reducing foot fatigue.

They’re designed to fit snugly around your leg, leaving just enough room for your feet to move freely when you press the pedals.

The Alpinestars TECH 1-T are really great shoes that will make you a very happy simulation racer.

Its Advantages

  • Very durable yet lightweight boot construction.
  • Unique, grippy tread pattern on the soles.

Its Disadvantages

  • Its high price.

In brief / Conclusion

Shoes are an important addition to the world of Sim-racing, which will help us improve the accuracy of our pedals.

Before you buy anything, keep in mind the criteria on which your purchase should be based.

In our opinion, all of the shoes we’ve presented in this article are a great option, but if you can afford it, the Alpinestars Tech-1 T are some of the best simulation shoes you can find today.
Keep in mind that by using Sim-racing shoes, you will improve your playing performance and extend the life of your pedals.


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