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Top 5 Sim-Racing Cockpits

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Who doesn’t like racing games? Playing with a steering wheel is fantastic for any racing simulator fan. But if you want a truly realistic experience and total immersion in the game, you need a cockpit.

It sounds easy, but there really are many options on the market. If you don’t know how to choose, it will be really difficult for you to buy the right one for you. That’s why we want to help you.

In this article, we’ll tell you what a good cockpit should include, how to choose the best model for you, and presenta list of the best sim-racing seats on the market today.

#1 : Fanatec CSL Cockpit

⭐ Score : 9.7/10

fanatec gt dd pro

✅ The best value for money
“An excellent choice to start with a quality product”

#2: Simons Gaming S1

⭐ Score : 9.5/10

fanatec gt dd pro

✅ The cockpit to suit every rider

“An excellent cockpit to complement your current setup”.

#3: PLAYSEAT Evolution Alcantara

⭐ Score : 9.1/10


✅ One of the world’s best-known and best-selling products

“It’s not expensive for the quality and benefits it offers.”

Our selection of the 5 best Sim-racing cockpits

To help you decide which model to buy, we’ve selected our 5 favorite sim-racing cockpits on the market today.

#1 Fanatec CSL Cockpit

Fanatec csl cockpit

A few years ago, German sim-racing device manufacturer Fanatec more or less brought Direct Drive basics into the mainstream with its 5 and 8 nm CSL DD. It was the first time in this market that a manufacturer had offered high-performance products at low prices. And it would appear that Fanatec is tackling the cockpit and chassis segment with its all-new CSL Cockpit.

The idea is quite simple: to offer a solid, customizable chassis that can be adapted to all sim-racing setups at a reasonable price. And that’s what we got with the CSL Cockpit. The structure of this product is tubular, with plates at various joints. Fanatec has used aluminum and steel for the structural parts, giving it a very high level of rigidity, worthy of going head-to-head with the tenors of the segment (PlaySeat, Next Level Racing, etc.).

The various parts of the CSL Cockpits are perforated, allowing adjustment of the seat, bottom bracket, chainstay and shifter/handbrake brackets. Emphasis has been placed on customization and adjustability, and we see this on virtually every part of this chassis.

Fanatec’s entire catalog of sim-racing peripherals is also supported by the CSL Cockpit. We’re talking about chainstays from the CSL DD to the Podium DD2, all CSL and ClubSport cranksets, as well as shifters and handbrakes.

The CSL Cockpit is now available on the Fanatec website for €400. The seat is sold separately (€100), as are a monitor mount (€120) and a shifter mount (€40).


  • Construction quality
  • Customization and adjustability
  • Compatibility with Fanatec products
  • Affordable price


  • Additional head office costs

#2 Simons Gaming S1


Fanatec csl cockpit

The Simons Gaming Solutions S1 is a newcomer to the world of sim-racing seats. It’s a GT-style chassis for sim racers to enjoy. Its design is a mix of standard shapes and unique colors. The tubular chassis is entirely black, with pale blue reinforcements. The brand’s logo is positioned on the seat rails and is sober. And at the bottom of the cockpit, a dynamic LED strip adds a little spice to your setup.

Supplied with a seat with a fiberglass structure, the S1 will easily accommodate all drivers and their sim-racing configurations, whatever the brand of peripherals.

Whatever your equipment, the Simons Gaming S1 is an excellent cockpit to complement your current setup. It is currently on sale for €629 on the brand’s website.


  • Very robust
  • Compatible with all brands
  • All-inclusive (seat, gearshift support, LED)


  • Very limited stock

#3 Le cockpit PLAYSEAT Evolution Alcantara


playseat evolution alcantara

The Playseat Evolution Alcantara is probably one of the best-known and best-selling steering wheel and pedal seats in the world, and for good reason. Playseat has combined a comfortable seat with a space-saving design and robust construction.

With a solid aluminum frame, the Playseat Evolution Alcantara cockpit withstands all kinds of sudden movements, turns or braking. It is a replica of a cockpit with a fully adjustable seat that is covered in Alcantara for the most part. This material is used for the construction of luxury cars and is really pleasant to the touch and gives you the impression of being inside a real racing car

This model is suitable for both adult drivers and children over 8 years old, with a very easy adjustment, you can change the position in seconds. You can adjust both the seat and the steering wheel axis.

It is compatible with all steering wheels and pedalboards from leading brands such as Fanatec, Logitech, Thrustmaster, etc. as well as PC and Mac operating systems and PlayStation, Xbox and Switch consoles.

The PlaySeat Evolution Alcantara cockpit is not expensive for the quality and benefits it offers. It is a model that has been designed for all gamers who want to get into sim-racing or driving simulators who prefer to start small according to their budget.


  • It is comfortable and robust.
  • It is foldable.
  • It is adjustable to all sizes
  • Velcro and cable ties to adjust cables.


  • The backrest is not adjustable in inclination.

#4 Le cockpit Next Level Racing F-GT


next level f gt

The Next Level Racing F-GT cockpit is undoubtedly the prestigious brand’s best-selling cockpit, and not surprisingly the only “fixed” cockpit capable of changing position between Formula and GT.

This is achieved by its ability to be adjustable in all directions, both in angle, depth and height

The Next Level Racing F-GT is indeed incredibly adjustable (the position of the wheels, the pedals and the gearshift are fully adjustable), which allows to have a sliding seat with a level of comfort as well as a driving realism very similar to a car

This model is made of carbon steel, laser cut and welded in matt black by a robot for a very good quality finish. It also includes a premium racing seat.

This simulation seat is used by thousands of people worldwide, including professional pilots. It was even used by the Real Esport team for the GTR Endurance eRacing World Championship, which they won.

The construction of the Next Level Racing F-GT is very solid, as this model was designed to support direct drive wheels and high-end pedals.

This model is pre-drilled and compatible with virtually all models from major brands such as Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec, etc.

The Next Level Racing F-GT is a very good value cockpit, in our opinionone of the best on the market for playseats in this range.


  • Its two positions GT and F1.
  • Comfort and ergonomics at the top.
  • It offers a very good quality-price ratio.


  • It is quite bulky.

#5 Le cockpit Next Level Racing GT Ultimate V2


next level racing gt ultimate v2

The Next Level Racing GT Ultimate V2 is a cockpit divided into two parts. On the one hand, we have the bucket seat and all its structure and on the other hand, we have the steering wheel and pedal support.

We can adjust both the backrest and the seat itself in the same way we would in a real car. Made of fiberglass, it also features a lumbar support pad and a four-point harness.

The seat can be adapted to the particular needs of each player. It is designed to support weights of up to 150 kilos and offers the comfort needed to spend long hours sitting without experiencing muscle fatigue.

The structure is really solid and firm and is designed for intensive use. The Next Level Racing GT Ultimate V2 has the advantage of allowing the steering wheel and pedals to be fully adjustable, as if we were in a real car.

In addition, to gain firmness, we have two screws that will fix together the bucket and Wheel Stand structures so that they do not separate at any time.

The Next Level Racing GT Ultimate V2 is compatible with the Motion Platform V3 motorized motion platform increasing the level of immersion and realism and accessories such as the monitor stand and keyboard stand are available.

This cockpit is ideal for those who have been in the sim-racing world for a while and want to take the realism one step further. It is really an interesting and very good quality cockpit.


  • It includes a support for a gearshift.
  • It is foldable.
  • It includes a lumbar support and a lumbar cushion.


  • It takes up a lot of space.

#6 Le cockpit Oplite GTR S3



The Oplite GTR S3 cockpit takes its name from the famous GTR slogan which stands for Gran Turismo Racer. This is a high-end simulation seat that was designed by professionals, for professionals and enthusiasts who love racing.

If you’re looking for a sim-racing cockpit, theOplite GTR S3 Ultimate Racing offers almost everything: ease of assembly, comfort, adaptability, aesthetics and price.

It is a bucket seat with a fiberglass-reinforced polyester shell, with black satin finishes. Its cover is made of black microfiber with a high density foam.

The steering wheel support plate on the Oplite GTR S3 cockpit can be adjusted up and down (±30°) and tilted (±30°), as can the bottom bracket, which can be adjusted for front/rear position and tilt.

The chassis profile is aerodynamic, which increases safety and stability during play. It is made of a very elegant tubular steel and is coated with a high resistance matte black paint. It also has 8 skids that are non-slip and provide excellent stability.

TheOplite GTR Cockpit S3 is compatible with all products from Thrustmaster, Fanatec, Logitech and other lesser known brands.

It is, without a doubt, an excellent product in its price range.


  • Comfortable: a wide range of position and adjustment options for the seat and pedals.
  • It is strong, durable and stable.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • It is quite heavy and cumbersome
  • The gearshift and screen holder are not included.

#7 Le Playseat Sensation PRO


playseat sensation pro

The Playseat Sensation Pro is Playseat’s top-of-the-line product. This model breaks with the typical structure of the brand’s other seats, asit has no center bar (except for the Playseat Challenge, which has no center bar either, as it folds down). It is built with a much stronger structure than its smaller brothers, which translates into a much higher price.

The seat is made of polyester, in a black alcantara-type material, the frame is made of industrial-grade black lacquered steel, and the steel frame is ultra-strong and versatile, with an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

The seat can be adjusted with four bolts. This allows you toeasily adjust the seat tilt, distance to the pedals and steering wheel and change the angle of the screen.

In addition, it has a hydraulic adjustment device under the right side of the seat to allow the user to make various adjustments.

The Playseat Sensation PRO offers great build quality, stability and alsoincredible comfort. What’s more, this model features an interchangeable seat option and a screen mount suitable for screens up to 55″ (curved screens up to 48″).

It is compatible with PlayStation 3,4 and 5, Xbox 360, One, and Series S/X, Switch, PC and Mac, and it is also compatible with all steering wheels and pedalboards.

The Playseat Sensation Pro cockpit is the top of the line from Playseat, so if you can afford it, don’t pass it up!


  • Its design is extremely well thought out.
  • Quality materials.
  • Hydraulic adjustment of steering wheel and seat.
  • Monitor stand included.


  • Its price is high.
  • It has no keyboard support and is therefore not ideal for PC gamers.

What should a good cockpit have?

Based on our research and experience, we believe thata good sim-racing cockpit should have the following elements:


All drivers will agree that a racing simulator is usually a very extreme experience, with sudden changes and movements. That’s why you need to find a stable cockpit that can handle all these movements without moving to avoid accidents.

Non-slip base

Although some cockpits have wheels on the base, we recommend that you purchase one with a non-slip base. This way, you can prevent it from slipping with your movements. This non-slip base can be equipped with lockable casters, metal feet with rubber tips or a silicone coating on the lower part of the structure.

Good fit for the pedals and steering wheel

It’s really important that your pedals and steering wheel fit snugly into the frame to avoid all kinds of unexpected movement. For this reason, we recommend a universal frame that you can adjust as much as necessary to hold the rest of your equipment in place.

Compartment for the gearshift

Although many sim-racing cockpits don’t include it, for manual shifting enthusiasts, you’ll need a compartment for the shifter.

How to choose the best Sim-Racing cockpit?

When choosing the best sim-racing cockpit, certain factors can indicate which ones are best suited to your needs, such as your budget and specific situation. Here we present the criteria to keep in mind when buying a cockpit to get the best model:


It will be of no use to you to buy a super cockpit model for F1 if it is not compatible with your console, your pedalboard or your steering wheel since you will not be able to install it. Most have universal adjustment features to ensure that you can adapt it to your simulation hardware. Make sure that the model you are interested in is compatible with your equipment.

Construction and materials

Look at the structure of the frames, the legs and the layout of the articulated arms to make sure they are completely stable.

You should also look at your preferences in the structure, such as the presence of seats with rails and specific height adjustments for your comfort. On the other hand, we recommend that you buy Sim-Racing cockpits made of very strong materials like steel and aluminum. This way, they stand up well to the weight and long play sessions.

Additional features

Additional features and components are very important when purchasing a cockpit. For example, some incorporate recliners, height adjustments and the incorporation of lever stands, monitors and more.

An additional feature that many people are looking for in their cockpit is the motion simulator, as it makes you feel like you are really in the race. Keep in mind that each of the additional features adds to the price of the cockpit.

Available space

Even though a very closed cockpit can give the impression of actually being in a car, you have to take into account the space available to make movements. In this sense, most of them have an adjustable height so that you can expand this space a bit according to your preferences. You should also consider the space you have available to place your cockpit at home. This way, you can buy a structure that is really functional for you


Sim-racing cockpits vary in price and depend greatly on their functionality. For example, the cheapest ones without a chair range from 140 to 300 euros, while the professional ones without a chair can cost between 400 and 600 euros.

On the other hand, models with a chair are more expensive and can cost between 350 and 800 euros depending on their brand, their resistance and their features.

In a nutshell

As we’ve seen together, there are sim-racing cockpits of all shapes, sizes and materials and it’s really not easy to make a choice when you don’t know where to start. So you can save a lot of time and money by knowing what you’re looking for right from the start.

We hope that our article on the best sim-racing cockpits and our tips will make your choice easier and help you find the right cockpit model for you. If you choose one of the cockpit models in our selection, you won’t be disappointed!

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