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Sim-lab GT1 Evo : Reviews and Tests

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Sim-Lab is a young Dutch brand founded in 2015 that has gradually become one of the leading brands for buying Sim-racing related products. It is known for its quality cockpits designed through its close ties with the aluminum industry. We took a look at one of the most famous models: the Sim-lab GT1 Evo cockpit.

We recently had the opportunity to test this cockpit and we will tell you everything we thought about it in this article. We will present you with a list of its main characteristicswe will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of this of this model and we will tell you where to get it and at what price.

The characteristics of the Sim-lab GT1 Evo

The GT1 Evo is the entry-level racing simulation cockpit of the Sim-lab brand. Using the same technology as their more advanced platforms, it offers a rigid structure and an excellent platform to take you to the next level.

We present here the list of its main characteristics:

  • The Sim-Lab GT1 Evo is mainly built from aluminum profiles extruded. It is a building material modular which has become very popular for use in custom simulation race setups. The robust profiles are both economical and give the frame more than enough rigidity.
  • The frame structure has a dimension of 40 x 80 mm and the Sim-lab GT1 Evo is available in two colors. The bucket seat and seat rails are not included.
  • This model offers a a wide range of settingsand there is almost unlimited almost unlimited potential for expansion and modification across the board.
  • The position of the mobile seat, steering wheel and pedals are fully adjustable adjustable.
  • The Sim-lab GT1 Evo includes a side mount for your favorite accessories like joysticks, handbrakes and even motion platforms. Thanks to the flexible design, the accessories can be attached to any desired position on the cockpit.
  • The pedal support of the Sim-lab GT1 Evo is made from a single piece ofaluminum and has pre-drilled holes for all known cranksets on the market.
  • Chassis dimensions: 1350 mm x 680 mm (L x W)
  • Steering wheel height adjustment: 0 – 700 mm
  • Maximum player size: 200 cm
  • Cockpit weight: 55 kg
simlab gt1

The advantages of the Sim-lab GT1 Evo

We were delighted to be able to test the Sim-lab GT1 Evo which turned out to be an incredible cockpit. We were seduced by many of the its advantages which we talk about here.

First of all, after an intensive test, the first thing that evokes us the Sim-lab GT1 Evo is the comfort. This model is really incomparable to the other cockpits we have tested so far. The feeling is almost identical to the one we would have if we were sitting in a GT race car.

The comfort is really optimal and it allows us to play for several hours without having back or ankle pain, which we think is a real asset.

It is also one of theone of the most ergonomic models that we tested, especially since the cabin is modular since you can place the pedal or the gearshift exactly where you want it, for a really ideal playing position.

Next, the Sim-lab GT1 Evo offers a very solid and robust feeling. The entire platform is incredibly strong, stable and, most importantly, rigid. With the GT1 EvoIf you are using a Direct Drive steering wheel with high power feedback or high-end pedalboards, there is no trace of movement of the steering wheel mount, pedalboard or seat during play. This all contributes to both performance and immersion, as you can focus more on the race itself.

Another advantage of the Sim-lab GT1 Evo and which is one of its main characteristics is its adaptability. Indeed, this model offers infinite possibilities, both in terms of assembly, settings but also thanks to its extensibility. With this model, there are virtually no limits to customization. With this aluminum extrusion platform, you can add, delete or modify things very easily. Mounting the accessories is also just as simple, as the whole thing is modular, making mounting hardware really easy and affordable. The Sim-Lab brand offers many accessories that you will definitely want to consider.

Finally, it must be said that the Sim-lab GT1 Evo offers a very good quality-price ratio. The stability and rigidity of this model is due to its high quality materials. And yet, this cockpit is available at a price that is quite competitive considering all it has to offer and what we can find as competing models on the market today. Even if you have to buy the seat separately and that means an extra budget, the value for money offered by the Sim-lab GT1 Evo is still exceptional.

The disadvantages of the Sim-lab GT1 Evo

Even though we really enjoyed the Sim-lab GT1 Evowe discovered that this model had some drawbacks and some points that need to be improved, which we’ll tell you about here.

First of all, the arm designed to support the shifter is only connected at one end, which means that it has a little flexibility. While this should not be a problem with fairly “basic” shifters, it can be much more problematic with shifters that require more force and where flexibility of movement may be limited.

Then, we found the installation and the assembly of the Sim-lab GT1 Evo quite long and tedious. It takes about an entire afternoon, or more if you are not used to it. We have noticed that adjustments take longer than for other platforms. Also, there is no printed manual available with the cockpit, you have to search for it on the internet and therefore have a phone, tablet or computer handy. And even with the instructions provided by the Sim-lab brand, this is not an easy task. The manual is certainly one of the worst we’ve seen for cockpit assembly and it really could use some improvement.

Finally, you should not forget that the seat and the gear lever support are not included with the Sim-lab GT1 Evo and can be quite expensive, depending on the models you choose. We think it’s a shame that the brand didn’t choose to propose this model with the seat included with the cockpit, in addition to proposing the chassis alone.

Where to get it and for how much?

The Sim-lab GT1 Evo is available for sale on this website at the price of 449 €.

Please note that this model does not include the bucket seat or the seat rails.


In Brief / Conclusion

Overall, the Sim-Lab GT1 Evo is an exceptional cockpitWe believe it can stand up to platforms costing nearly twice as much.

Its aluminum profile construction creates a strong and strong and stable frame, compact and highly adjustable. In addition to turning every surface into a mounting point for expansion and modification, the channels in the profile serve as an ideal housing for cable management.

Although setup and configuration may take a little longer than other platforms, the Sim-lab GT1 Evo allows you to adjust the position of your equipment to the millimeter. So you can position everything exactly where you want it.

This is a cockpit that is really worth a look, its quality-price ratio is unbeatableThis is an excellent model for those looking for their first quality sim-racing cockpit. We recommend it with our eyes closed!

simlab gt1 evo notice

Simlab GT1 EVO

An exceptional cockpit with excellent value for money

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