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Base Fanatec DD1 : Test & Review

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Fanatec DD1


  • Incredible sensations
  • Highly customizable
  • Infinite rotation angle
  • Extraordinary manufacturing quality
  • Wide compatibility


  • Quite high price
  • Designed and engineered for expert gamers
  • No Kill Switch

Our rating : 9.7/10

Racing games are becoming more and more realistic over the years, with great graphics and accurate technology blurring the line between real racing and simulated competition. Nowadays, if you really want to get better at racing games, you’ll need a steering wheel.

The best racing wheels you can buy in 2022 offer a solid mix of features, torque and compatibility – and Fanatec brand models are at the top of this list. The German manufacturer of Sim-Racing equipment offers a complete range of high-end Direct Drive solutions.

This is why we decided to focus on the Fanatec DD1 base and test it for you. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this model. We will make you a list of its main characteristicswe will tell you what type of player which type of player player, what are its advantages and advantages and its disadvantages and finally we will tell you where and at what price you can buy it.

Base Fanatec DD1 image1

The characteristics of the Fanatec DD1 base

The Fanatec Podium Wheel Base Direct Drive 1, more often referred to simply as Fanatec DD1, is a high-end Direct Drive wheel base.

Here is a list of the main features of this model:

  • The Fanatec DD1 base is composed of a housing made entirely of aluminum with brand logos placed in various places.
  • The DD1 servo motor was custom designed by Fanatec engineers and isthe first direct drive motor optimized for race simulation applications.
  • The Fanatec Podium Wheel Base Direct Drive 1 uses a patented Outrunner motor that achieves motor that achieves an exceptional peak torque of 20 NmThis is the torque output of most real race cars using power steering. Acceleration and engine speed remain at the highest level, even with heavy steering wheels.
  • This model offers an unlimited rotation angle. Ultra-low torque ripple ensures minimal mechanical distractions and the same smooth experience as a belt-driven wheel.
  • Fanatec’s DD1 base features an integrated OLED display with advanced telemetry capabilities for real-time force feedback and motor data such as power output, FFB clipping and more.
  • This Fanatec model is equipped with wireless QR technology. It allows wireless transfer of data (infrared) and power (inductive coupling) between the motor and the quick release, which means there are no external cables between the wheelbase and the steering wheel, and no batteries are needed inside the steering wheel.
  • The DD1 is the first plug-and-play direct drive wheel base with electronics integrated into the main housing.
  • The Fanatec DD1 base is fully compatible with the existing Fanatec ecosystem and is also ready for future upgrades.
  • This model has different connection ports for peripherals: USB, power supply, pedals, shifter 1, shifter 2, hand brake.
  • Dimensions: 51 x 26 x 28 cm (L x W x H)
  • Weight : 13 kg

For what type of person?

With a price of 1199.95 euros on the Fanatec website, the DD1 is not really aimed at the general public, but more at pilots but more for pilots looking for high-end sensationsor even professional.

It may still be suitable for less regular players who want to get a foot in the door of Sim-racing, but you still need to be able to afford it and take the time to configure the settings.

Fanatec’s DD1 base is a product designed for adults and is therefore not suitable for children.

Base Fanatec DD1 image2

Its advantages

This test of the Fanatec Podium Wheel Base Direct Drive 1 gave us the opportunity to discover all the advantages that this model could offer us.

In our opinion, one of the major advantages of the Fanatec DD1 is that it is highly customizable. For example, the Podium DD1’s OLED display allows for incredible levels of data retrieval to help you with your customization. The adjustment menu also allows you to adjust items such as steering lock, force feedback, shock, ABS, spring, shock absorber, etc. Your experience with the Fanatec DD1 will be completely different from that of your friends thanks to the amount of little things you can configure differently. All these options and more are also present in the Fanatec PC software, which is available for free download on the Fanatec DD1 product page.

Moreover, we were really seduced by the new engine of the Fanatec DD1 base, specially developed for Sim-Racing. It’s really nice to have an infinite rotation angle and no latency during the game. The electronics built into the wheelbase housing promises immediate information exchange with your game. This means that every minute movement will be read by the game, allowing you to feel every little speck of dust under the steering wheel of your car via force feedback.

We also really appreciated the quality of manufacture of the Fanatec DD1 steering wheel basewhich is simply extraordinary. It is obvious at first glance that the brand has taken great care in the choice of components. Moreover, the quality of the exterior materials is directly reflected in what we can find inside. Fanatec engineers have done an incredible job of designing the first direct drive servo motor optimized for racing simulators and focusing on high-end manufacturing.

Finally, Fanatec’s DD1 base has clearly been designed to be upgradedwhich we believe is a real asset. Since all the accessories of the Fanatec range are compatible (wheels, pedals, shifters, etc.) and it can even be coupled with accessories of competing brands such as Logitech or Thrustmaster, this gives you a wide choice of products and will allow you to use it for many years.

Its disadvantages

We could not make a long list of defects concerning the Fanatec Podium Wheel Base Direct Drive 1This one has very little. But we still found him some negative points.

First of all, we must point out that the first and biggest disadvantage of the Fanatec DD1 is its price. It’s a high-end product, so inevitably we start to reach relatively high costs. Compared to other models of the same brand or those of the competition, the DD1 is still expensive. It may not be exorbitant for some, but it’s not exactly entry-level either, if truly accessible to all. This base represents a big investment.

Secondly, we found that the Fanatec DD1 base had the disadvantage of having been designed and thought for expert players. Because it is expensive, but also because its settings require time and comfort with this type of configuration. Again, in our opinion, offering too many possibilities for settings can result in being more confusing than anything else. So be careful, too much adjustment kills the adjustment!

Finally, we found it a bit unfortunate that on this basic Direct Drive model Fanatec, no KillSwitch (emergency stop button) has been integratedas on the DD2 base. As a result, you have to invest a little more to get one (99,95 € for the Podium Kill Switch from Fanatec) or possibly know how to tinker a little to make it yourself.

Where to get it and for how much?

The Fanatec Podium Wheel Base DD1 is sold at 1 199,95 € on the official Fanatec website.

Unlike its competitors, Fanatec does not partner with other resellers. Their products are exclusively sold on their official website, you can’t buy them elsewhere.

Base Fanatec DD1 image3


Is the Fanatec DD1 worth it? That’s the big question we’re asking here and our answer is pretty obvious: yes, this steering wheel base is really worth it. You will get the ultimate riding experience with this product, it is certainly a great improvement over the “regular” FFB belt driven wheel, but be aware of the price and the time you will need to learn this technology and its many adjustments.

A budget of nearly 1200 €.It’s a lot of money (just for a base), but if you’re looking at a long career in Sim-racing or just looking to get the best base sold on the marketthen the Fanatec Podium Wheel Base DD1 is definitely a very good investment that you really won’t be disappointed.


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Fanatec DD1

The best base on the market. The ultimate driving experience.

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