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RSeat : Which chassis to choose ? (Complete Guide)

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The frame is a really important piece of Sim-racing equipment and one that requires some thought to purchase. There are different models on the market, of different brands, but not all of them are worth the price.

The European brand RSeat has become one of the favorite chassis manufacturers of European Sim-Racing players in recent years. It offers a very wide range of high quality chassis which we have decided to tell you a little bit about today.

You have decided to invest in an RSeat chassis but you don’t know which one to choose? In this article, we will give you advice on what makes a good chassis and to choose an RSeat model that suits your needs. We will also introduce you to all of the the RSeat chassis range to help you choose your model.

What should a good chassis have?

We consider that a good Sim-racing chassis should include the following elements:

Based on our research and experience, we believe thata good sim-racing cockpit should have the following elements :


All drivers will agree that a racing simulator is usually a very extreme experience, with sudden changes and movements. That’s why you need to find a very stable frame that supports all these movements without moving to avoid accidents. Robustness and stability are really aspects that should not be compromised.

Good fit for the pedals and steering wheel

It’s really important that your pedals and steering wheel fit snugly into the frame to avoid all kinds of unexpected movement. We recommend a model that allows you to adjust them as much as necessary to keep the rest of your equipment in place.

Compartment for the gearshift

Not all RSeat chassis include it, but for manual shift enthusiasts, you’ll need a shifter compartment. They are sold as an option.

How do we choose an RSeat chassis adapted to our needs?

For choose an RSeat chassis chassis that is right for you, we recommend that you focus on a few factors that factors that may indicate which models are best suited to your needs, budget and specificyour budget and your specific situation.


There is no point in buying a high-end chassis model if it is not compatible with your console, pedalboard or steering wheel since you will not be able to use it. Most of the models offered on the market are compatible with all the steering wheels or accessories of major brands such as Thrustmaster, Logitech or Fanatec. But we still advise you to check that the compatibility is total with your equipment.

Manufacturing and materials

Look at the structure of the frames, the legs and the layout of the articulated arms to make sure they are completely stable. It is also important to ensure that there are seats with rails and the possibility of specific height adjustments for your comfort. On the other hand, we advise you to buy a chassis made of very solid materials such as steel and aluminum. This way, it can better withstand the weight and long play sessions.

Additional features

Additional features and components are very important when purchasing an RSeat chassis. For example, some incorporate recliners, height adjustments and the incorporation of lever supports or other types of supports and accessories. Keep in mind that each of the additional features adds an additional cost to the purchase.

The available space

You need to consider how much space the structure provides for you to sit comfortably, but you also need to consider how much space you have to place your cockpit at home. This way, you can buy a structure that fits you well and is truly functional for you.

The price

RSeat chassis prices are mostly high. You need to consider this before you decide. You can choose a model with the frame sold alone, and opt for another type of seat, or you can choose to equip yourself with a complete cockpit with all the supports and accessories available and proposed by the brand. It all depends on your budget.

The RSeat chassis range

Here we present you the wide range of Rseatchassis, which includes complete cockpit models or chassis sold separately with optional seats.

RSeat B1

rseat b1 chassis

The RSeat B1 meets all the expectations you can have with a chassis. It is stable and rigid but does not skimp at all on comfort. Moreover, it is a model that can be adjusted very easily and has been designed so that many optional accessories can be added.

The RSeat B1 offers an incredible feeling of immersion, despite the fact that the seat is not that of a real race car, you can’t tell the difference.

The leather is really nice and comfortable and the steel frame gives it a real luxurious and robust look.

The seat support is mounted on slides which allows for many adjustments on the fly. You have numerous adjustment possibilitiesof the seat, pedals, etc.

You can choose this model with or without a bucket seat, or choose the seat of your choice from the RSeat or SPARCO brands in the options offered by the brand.

This cockpit supports any steering wheel Direct Drive as well as Load Cell or hydraulic pedals.

The RSeat B1 is a versatile model that offers a very good feeling during the game that we can only recommend!

RSeat P1


The RSeat P1 is a robust cockpit, composed of a steel frame. You can choose this model with or without a bucket seat and choose from the options offered on the brand’s website.

The main frame assembly is constructed from steel plates in a box-rail configuration similar to those found on real vehicle chassis. This provides a rigid base platform that can support the rest of the assembled cockpit parts. The shifter bracket is very heavy and very rigid when mounted.

The steering wheel base support is a heavy and well built unit. It fits most steering wheels with force feedback and Direct Drive available on the market.

The RSeat P1 allows you to choose between a Rally or GT driving position driving position, and it fits all player sizes.

This model offers numerous adjustments of the different supports and the seatThis model offers many adjustments of the different supports and the seat, which allow to find an ideal and really comfortable position for the game.

The RSeat P1 offers very good value for money. It combines comfort, stability and rigidity and is considered to be one of the most rigid cockpits on the market!

RSeat C1

rseat c1

The RSeat C1 is a modular chassis that you can choose with or without a bucket seat, or choose the seat of your choice from the RSeat or SPARCO brands in the options offered on the brand’s website.

This model is very stable, rigid and ergonomic. His manufacturing is of high qualityIt is made ofcarbon steel and its finishes are perfect.

With the RSeat C1the brand has evolved the steering wheel support to offer more rigidity while providing realistic and precise feedback from the steering wheel. It is perfectly suited to Direct Drive steering wheels with maximum torque.

The bottom bracket has also been modified to handle even greater braking force and to accommodate Load Cell or hydraulic crankset models and mounted on slides for even easier adjustment.

The C1 allows the installation of any accessory on the left or right side of the chassis, including the gearshift and handbrake holder, the keyboard and mouse holder, the tablet holder and the buttonbox.

You can choose between a Rally or GT driving position and it is suitable for users from 127 cm to 200 cm.

The C1 is a very comfortable and robust model that has been well thought out. It should guarantee you long and enjoyable gaming sessions.

RSeat RS1

rseat rs1

The RSeat RS1 is a model that adapts to all different sizes of SimRacers thanks to its numerous adjustments.

It is built with a seat in fiberglass and fiberglass and synthetic leather, comfortable and ergonomic. It includes a side support for the gearshift, another compatible with any type of pedal, and a third one on top for the steering wheel.

The overall design of the building is of very high quality. Once everything is in place and the nuts are locked, everything is extremely stable and nothing moves.

The steering wheel mount is adjustable in height and angle and is pre-drilled for all major brands of steering wheels and the shifter can be placed in two locations and you can tilt it as you wish.

The RS1 offers a wide compatibility since it is compatible with PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. It is also compatible with all the systems and peripherals of the biggest brands on the market such as Thrustmaster, Fanatec or Logitech and with the D-BOX motion system.

The RSeat RS1 is one of the most comfortable, rigid and stable cockpits on the professional market.

RSeat S1

rseat s1

The advanced design of the S1 allows you to set up your driving position in seconds and choose between a Rally or GT.

The RSeat S1 was designed for Sim-racing players but can also be used as a flight simulator.

The entire basic chassis of the S1 is made up of a modular frame made of carbon steel laser cut and CNC bent round tubes. It is rigid and stable and it also transmits vibrations. Its design, as well as that of the seat, is meticulous, and their manufacture and finishing are of very high quality.

This model is well balanced between firmness, strength and comfort and offers many many built-in adjustments.

The S1 offers broad compatibility as it is compatible with PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

It is also compatible with all the systems and peripherals of the biggest brands on the market such as Thrustmaster, Fanatec or Logitech.

The RSeat S1 is also compatible with the D-BOX motion system.

If you’re looking for something well-built with well-built add-ons, you should buy the RSeat S1!

RSeat N1

rseat n1

The RSeat N1 is a model of incomparable construction quality and finish. Its design is aesthetically pleasing and the black powder finish is smooth and uniform.

This model is very adjustable and offers a lot of comfortThe wheel has an adjustable steering wheel base to help bring the wheel closer to your body. You have the ability to adjust the pedalboard independently of the base and have a plethora of adjustment options at your disposal.

The N1 from RSeat is modular since you can add a gearshift holder or a keyboard/mouse tray. There’s even a three-monitor stand and a few other accessories for PC runners so the N1 can adapt as your needs grow.

The RSeat N1 offers broad compatibility as it is compatible with PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

It is also compatible with all the systems and peripherals of the biggest brands on the market such as Thrustmaster, Fanatec or Logitech and with the D-BOX (Upgrade Kit D-Box required.)

The RSeat N1 is a model of very high quality construction that will last you many years. It’s expensive, sure, but the price is well worth all the qualities and settings it can offer you.

RSeat RS Formula V2

rseat rs formula v2

The RSeat RS Formula V2released in 2012, is a very popular model among amateur and professional players. It has kept the same design as its previous and iconic version, the RS Formula V1.

The frame is made of carbon steel laser cut. The headquarters is in leatherIt is made of composite material and finished in glossy black. The whole offers us a design and a position of type single-seater.

The RSeat RS Formula V2 has new options and improved design. The chassis is really much more stable thanks to the metal plates and a new, more rigid bottom bracket more rigid has been added.

The seat on slides is adjustable, the pedals and the steering wheel support are also adjustable to offer you the maximum of comfort.

It is suitable for people from 150 cm to over 200 cm and can support a weight of up to 130 kg.

The RSeat RS Formula V2 offers a wide compatibility as it is compatible with PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

It is also compatible with all the systems and peripherals of the biggest brands on the market such as Thrustmaster, Fanatec or Logitech.

With a truly exceptional design, a very sturdy chassis and a very comfortable seat, the RSeat RS Formula V2 can offer you long gaming sessions with incredible and very realistic sensations.

In brief / Conclusion

The brand RSeat brand offers a a wide range of chassis and and complete cockpits and, as we have seen, they all have a number of advantages.

Consider the tips we’ve given you about what you should keep in mind before buying a chassis and determine your budget to better define which RSeat chassis will best suit your needs.

If we had to choose only one model, our choice would be the RSeat RS1 which is, for us, the RSeat chassis that offers the best value for money of the whole range of this brand. So if you were still hesitating, you now know which one to choose!

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