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Already have a simulation wheel and looking to take it to the next level? A racing simulation seat could help you enhance immersion, as it is an essential element for any serious SimRacer.

We had the opportunity to test recently a very powerful model from the European brand RSeat which is becoming more and more important on the Sim-racing market: the RSeat RS1.

In this article, we will give you our opinion on this model and tell you everything we discovered about it. We will draw up for you a list of its main characteristicswe will tell you what are its its advantages and disadvantages as well as its price and where you can get it.

The characteristics of the RSeat RS1

The RSeat RS1 is a new generation simulatorThe RSeat RS1 is a new generation simulator, built with an evolving design that offers the possibility to evolve with several accessories to customize it to your driving style or use.

Here is a list of its main features:

  • The RS1 of the RSeat brand offers a Rally and also GT driving position…The entire base frame of the RS1 consists of a modular frame made of carbon steel laser-cut and bent tubes coated with epoxy powder, which makes the whole loaded structure very rigid.
  • The new RS1 rig weighs about 10 kg more than its predecessor due to this redesign for rigidity. The RS1 offers improved ergonomics combined with a unique look and elegant flowing lines.
  • The chassis of the RS1 is available in two colors (Matte Black or Matte White).
  • This model is extremely adjustable Since the pedal support is adjustable from 0° to 60°, the pedal support can be adjusted by ±90mm and the steering wheel support allows a height adjustment of ±8 cm. The 4 legs of the seat that rest on the ground are also adjustable (diameter 37mm).
  • In addition, the RS1 has a new 4mm thick support that is fully adjustable in 4 levels of angle and depth so that there is no distortion of the frame during heavy braking.
  • The rails are adjustable to fit people from 1.27 m to 2.10 m tall.
  • The chassis is designed to fit most dynamic systems and is compatible with the rSeat Shifter and rSeat HandBrake.
  • The RSeat RS1 is equipped with a fiberglass bucket seat with high density foam covered with high density foam and synthetic leather to make it an extremely comfortable and hard-wearing seat. It is available in 3 colors (white, black and red) and in Alcantara.
  • The Racing seat sits on 4mm thick rails with two different mounting heights and can be tilted so that the seat is adjustable mm by mm. It can support players up to 140 kg.
  • The RSeat RS1 includes a gearshift leverwhich can be mounted on the left or right side of the chassis.
  • The Buttkicker support is optional and is designed to provide a good flow of vibration transmission throughout the frame. It can accommodate seven different Buttkicker models and up to 3 at a time.
  • The RS1 offers a wide compatibility since it is compatible with PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. It is also compatible with all the systems and peripherals of the biggest brands on the market such as Thrustmaster, Fanatec or Logitech.
  • The RSeat RS1 is also compatible with the D-BOX motion system (2 DOF, 3 DOF and 4 DOF).
  • All tools and screws for fixing the steering wheelthe crankset and the shifter are included, as well as an assembly manual.



The advantages of the RSeat RS1

We were able to test the RSeat RS1 and that allowed us to discover all the secrets! We will talk about advantages that this model offers and that we have discovered.

First of all, we were completely seduced by what is by far the biggest advantage of the RSeat RS1 : its comfort and ergonomics. Indeed, this model is entirely modular, customizable and adjustable to offer us a luxury comfort.

The seat, equipped with padded cushions for the seat, adapts perfectly to the great majority of steering wheels that we find on the market. The steering, the different supports, the distance of the pedals and the angle are all independently adjustable to some extent for a perfect fit and guarantee optimal comfort.

You can sit back and enjoy many hours of play in the RS1 RS1you won’t feel uncomfortable.

Secondly, we found that the RSeat RS1 is a model whose overall design and materials are of very high quality. You can feel it as soon as you get in, the cockpit is rigid, solid and stable. Once everything is set up, there is no movement in the pedalboard or in the structure.

In addition, thanks to its superb workmanship and materials, the look of the RSeat RS1 was very pleasing to us as it is modern and elegant. It is a design that should please all lovers of beautiful chassis

The cockpit RS1 cockpit also has the advantage ofto offer an increased sense of realism. The force feedback from the steering wheel can be felt throughout the frame, without losing stability thanks to the strength and rigidity of this model. Once you sit in the RS1, it’s really hard to tell the difference from driving a real race car.

Finally, we really appreciate the fact that RSeat RS1 offers such a wide compatibilityThis is the case with the consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, PC) as well as with the different accessories and the different brands found on the market. You can make it evolve with time and according to your budget thanks to all the accessories provided by the RSeat brand. And if you’re also a flight sim enthusiast, you can even accessorize your RS1 for this type of game.

rseat rs1 front view

The disadvantages of the RSeat RS1

Our test of the RSeat RS1 revealed the positive aspects of this model but also made us discover what were its disadvantages. We tell you what we thought about it here.

It’s hard to hide from it, the RSeat RS1 is not what we call a “low cost” product, quite the contrary. One of the first negative points concerning it is very clearly, for us, its high price. But this is the case for most cockpits in its class anyway. It must be admitted that this is not a product that is, unfortunately, within the economic reach of all Sim-racing players.

Secondly, you should know that the RSeat RS1 is heavy and bulky. This is not a model you can fold up and store in a closet when you want to make space in your living room. It weighs 42 kg and it takes up a lot of space (up to 1.50 m) so, even if its design is very nice, we recommend you to plan a room dedicated to the game unless you are a real enthusiast who wants to have it permanently installed in your living room.

And finally, we found that assembly could be quite long and tedious for those who are not used to or not very handy. This may take several hours and we even recommend that you bring an extra person to help you for peace of mind. Also, the instructions really aren’t the most detailed we’ve seen, but at least the seat comes with all the screws and tools you need for assembly.

Where to get it and for how much?

The RSeat RS1 is available for sale on the official website of the brand for 859 €, if you choose the “classic” model in black.

This model is available in red and white, but also in Alcantara or in special editions (Assetto Corsa).


In brief / Conclusion

The RSeat RS1 is a cockpit that is perfectly suited for all Sim-racing players players who don’t have the skills or time to build a DIY platform but wantadaptability, modular design, comfortable ride and stability.

This model gives you all of these benefits, combined with a stylish GT racing platform, and it fits everyone thanks to the seat slides that accommodate all sizes.

In our opinion, the RSeat RS1 is one of the most comfortable, rigid and stable simulation cockpits on the market and it is a model that should not disappoint you!

rseat rs1 notice

Rseat RS1

A rigid, stable and comfortable simulation cockpit

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