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Fanatec Clubsport BMW GT2 V2 Steering Wheel : Test & Review

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Fanatec Clubsport BMW GT2 V2


  • Fabulous design, faithful replica of the original BMW M3 steering wheel
  • Quality materials, robust construction
  • Equipped with modern features (seven-function joystick, LED display)
  • Excellent force feedback thanks to its two powerful vibration motors.


  • Large paddle shifters that can make it difficult to access the buttons
  • Feeling of touching pallets a bit disappointing
  • The high price may be a disadvantage for some buyers

For all car and racing enthusiasts in general, the BMW has always been a sign ofelegance and of distinction. Can you imagine how you would feel if you could drive a steering wheel like in BMW cars from home? We wanted to know what effect this would have on us, in the comfort of our home. And thanks to the German manufacturer Fanatec the dream could become reality.

So we decided to give ourselves the pleasure of testing the Fanatec Clubsport BMW GT V2 steering wheel, a model that was born out of a wonderful partnership between the two very reputable manufacturers.

In this article, we will tell you everything there is to know about this model. We will make you a list of its key featureswe will tell you what type of type of player player, what are its advantages and advantages and its disadvantagesits price and where you can get it.

Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 image1

Features of the Fanatec Clubsport BMW GT2 V2 steering wheel

The Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 wheel is the licensed version of the original wheel you can find on the BMW racing car of the same name.

Here is a list of the main features of this model:

  • The wheel of the Fanatec Clubsport BMW GT V2 is 32 cm in diameter.
  • This model is officially licensed by BMW and is a replica of the BMW M3 GT2 steering wheel, used in the brand’s touring cars.
  • The wheel of the Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 as well as its handles are covered with genuine Italian Alcantara , which makes them particularly easy to clean and offers a better grip.
  • This model is equipped with two adjustable aluminum magnetic paddles CNC machined, which allows you to shift with confidence every time. They can also be exchanged for the Podium Advanced Paddle Module with additional clutch paddles (optional).
  • The internal structure has been completely redesigned to increase strength while reducing weight (30% lighter than the previous model). This translates into increased acceleration and force feedback fidelity from your base.
  • The Fanatec BMW GT2 V2 steering wheel is equipped with11 buttons, a 7-way FunkySwitch (left, right, up and down directional inputs, push button and rotary encoder functionality) and an analog joystick.
  • This model also features an LED display to show telemetry functions (depending on the game) and RevLEDs to show engine speed (also depending on the game).
  • The ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 steering wheel from Fanatec is compatible with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. It is also compatible with all the accessories of the Fanatec ecosystem (pedals, shifters, etc.)
  • It features the QR1 (ClubSport Quick Release Adapter) system, which means the wheel can be easily upgraded to the next generation QR2 system (coming soon).
  • Dimensions: 40 cm x 38.5 cm x 20 cm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 2,78 kg

        For what type of person?

        The ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 steering wheel from Fanatec is a model that was designed for GT cars, but is also capable of adapting very well to rally type games or simulator games.

        We’ve found that this steering wheel significantly enhances your gaming experience when driving a GT car in games like GTR 2 or Gran Turismo. But if you prefer F1 style steering wheels then this product is not for you.

        In our opinion, the BMW GT2 V2 model from Fanatec is suitable for both regular gamers andpeople who want to get started in the world of Sim-Racing and have a strong taste for the BMW brand.

        Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 image2

        Its advantages

        Our test of the Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 gave us the opportunity to discover all the advantages that this model could offer us.

        We were immediately won over by the fabulous design the Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 steering wheel. This replica of the BMW M3 steering wheel is really beautiful. The German manufacturer did not take any form of liberty to modify the structure of the steering wheel. The result is in fact a splendid reproduction of the original, judging by the photos, even in the use of alcantara (which has been hand-stitched) that covers the entire wheel.

        Moreover, everything in the choice of materials is impeccable. With the ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 steering wheel, Fanatec has once again demonstrated its incredible craftsmanship in terms of build quality. From the aluminum frame, to the paddle shifters, to the central push-button panel, everything exudes quality and strength. This is a model that promises to have a long life.

        Despite its age, the Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 steering wheel is very well equipped and has modern and appreciable features as its seven-function joystick can be. It is also equipped with a very nice gadget which is the LED display with three seven-segment displays (for telemetry data such as speed and gear) and a display for RPM consisting of 9 LEDs.

        Finally, we really appreciated his very good force feedback. The Fanatec BMW GT2 V2 steering wheel is equipped with two vibration motors that are very powerful and make you feel every movement and detail of the race. This really enhances the feeling of realism during the game and makes it even more enjoyable.

        Its disadvantages

        While we found the Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 steering wheel to have many positive points, it does have some drawbacks.

        First of all, we found that the BMW GT2 V2 model from Fanatec had some ergonomic problems. Indeed, our test revealed that the size of its pallets was problematic. The generous dimensions of the latter, combined with the size and shape of the wheel, make it virtually impossible to reach all of the steering wheel buttons with your thumbs, with the exception of the two levers mounted near the spokes and the two buttons at the ends of the LED rev counter. Having chosen to maintain the same dimensions as the original wheel, we find that this really causes practical problems during play.

        Besides, the feel of the paddles themselves is not quite up to par. Those who, like us, have already used magnetic paddles could quickly be disappointed by the rather weak feedback felt during gear changes.

        Then we noticed that the Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 steering wheel is heavy and the wheel is very bigThis would, in our opinion, tend to mitigate the effects of force feedback. The choice to propose an identical replica of the BMW M3 GT2 wheel is certainly aesthetically impressive, but clearly poses problems to play in the best conditions.

        Finally, another disadvantage of the ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 model from Fanatec is that this wheel is not compatible with the Xbox One, nor with the Xbox Series X. This is a bit disappointing and means that Xbox owners will not be able to enjoy this model.

        Where to get it and for how much?

        The Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 steering wheel is currently on sale for 349,95 € on the official Fanatec website .

        It is important to remember that Fanatec does not have any partnerships with resellers. Their products are sold exclusively on their website, you can not buy them new elsewhere.

        Like most steering wheels on the market, the Fanatec BMW GT2 V2 can be found on used car buying and selling sites. However, we recommend that you pay close attention to the conditions of the wheel to avoid scams, if you decide to buy your used wheel.

        Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 image3

        Our opinion on the Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 steering wheel

        The Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 steering wheel is a model we recommend with our eyes closed, especially for people who regularly drive road cars in their simulations, for fans of the BMW brand or for people who simply want to drive a rock-solid steering wheel with a diameter of more than 30 centimeters.

        Fanatec’s BMW GT2 V2 model is of high quality due to the materials used from the original vehicle and has only minor drawbacks that hardly affect the pleasure felt during the race thanks to the two powerful engines engines that are integrated in it.

        Whether you are an unconditional lover of the BMW brand or not, we can only recommend you the Fanatec Clubsport BMW GT2 V2. You can trust us, this model will not disappoint you!

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        Fanatec Clubsport BMW GT2 V2

        A solid steering wheel that offers a good driving feel.

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