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Why is Lewis Hamilton not interested in sim racing?

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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Formula 1 drivers have turned to video games to fill the void of real racing. However, six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton does not share this passion for sim racing. So what are the reasons why Hamilton is not interested in sim racing? We’ll let you in on the secret. 

Lewis Hamilton’s reasons

Hamilton explained in a Mercedes video that sim racing was “completely different” from reality and that he felt “no benefit” from participating in it. Although he plays Call of Duty with fellow F1 drivers Charles Leclerc and Pierre Gasly, he prefers to spend his game time trying to beat his own time in Gran Turismo. Hamilton feels that the disconnect between virtual driving and reality is too great an obstacle for him to enjoy the activity.

Hamilton’s take on sim racing

In the same video, Hamilton explained that the movement of the simulators is never perfect and that it is difficult to adjust to this difference. “If you’re at home with a simulator, the seat doesn’t move. So your mind is telling you the car is moving, but you don’t feel any movement. You kind of have to control your mind and I don’t really like that,” he said. According to Hamilton, the simulations are not beneficial because the sensations and movements felt are different from those felt when driving a real car. Instead, he prefers to play video games for the fun of playing with friends and new people online.

Hamilton’s favorite video game

Hamilton has a home racing simulator thanks to Gran Turismo and Sony, and admitted to being competitive on this particular game. “I grew up playing Gran Turismo and spending hours making money and buying all these cars. It was really a great opportunity to do something with them,” he said. Hamilton was also impressed that cars he helped develop with his Mercedes team can be driven virtually.

Although some Formula 1 drivers like Max Verstappen and Lando Norris are passionate about sim racing, Lewis Hamilton is not. Simulations don’t offer him the same experience as driving a real car, so he prefers to spend his time playing video games with his friends online. Although he has a racing simulator at home, Hamilton prefers to focus on the fun of the game rather than trying to improve his sim racing skills.

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