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The Georges Russell Simracing setup

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E-sport driver & Sim Racing enthusiast, I decided to share my passion on this website.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the exciting world of car simulation with Georges Russell and his breathtaking setup! The young British driver opens the doors of his high-performance gaming space to immerse us in the immersive and addictive world of Simracing. Get ready to take the wheel with him, as we explore in detail the high-tech equipment, unique tricks and professional competitor secrets that have enabled George Russell to excite all his senses on the virtual track!

George Russell’s involvement in virtual car racing

George Russell is one of Formula 1’s most promising young drivers, but before joining the racing elite, he made a name for himself in the world of simracing. From an early age, George showed an interest in racing simulation games, spending hours on games such as Truck Simulator and Gran Turismo.

In 2020, George joined the simracing community on Twitch under the pseudonym GR63, where he quickly gained popularity playing games such as F1 2020. But it was at the Race for the World charity event organized by Charles Leclerc that he caught the attention of simracing fans the world over.

George made his official debut in virtual competition with the GPs of Vietnam and Albert Park (Canada), where he quickly showed his skills by winning podiums in both races. Although the transition from simulator to real track may seem difficult, George used simracing as a way of honing his craft and working on his driving skills.

His early days in simracing also highlighted his determination and hard work to achieve excellence. He continued to invest himself in simracing, constantly seeking to improve his performance and learn from his mistakes. Thanks to his hard work and his collaboration with the Williams E-Sport team, George won the Spanish GP and followed this up with four consecutive victories.

Today, George Russell is considered one of the best simracing drivers in the world, with a loyal community of fans following his every move online. Although he has since reached even greater heights in the world of motor racing, his early days in simracing were a springboard for his career and showed that he was prepared to work hard to achieve his goals, whatever area of racing he found himself in.

Introducing George Russell’s Simracing Setup

George Russell’s Simracing setup is impressive and state-of-the-art. It all starts with the SIMUCUBE 2 ULTIMATE steering wheel base, which offers unrivalled precision and professional-quality feedback. The Ascher Racing F28-SC steering wheel is used for its ergonomic design and natural feel, offering precise feedback on track conditions.

The HEUSINKVELD SIM PEDALS ULTIMATE crankset is an essential component of Russell’s setup, offering a natural braking feel with fast, precise response. The SIM-LAB P1-X cockpit is robust and customizable, providing a stable platform for all racing simulation equipment. The SPARCO CIRCUIT is a top-of-the-range racing seat providing optimum support and maximum comfort.

For the computer, Russell uses the November 2021 PC Sim Racing Build, which features exceptional processing power and state-of-the-art graphics capability for ultra-realistic racing simulation experiences. The Elgato Stream Deck makes it easy to control streaming applications and live production tools. Finally, the Logitech G PRO X headset is used for its high-quality sound, offering complete immersion in the racing simulation experience.

Overall, George Russell’s Simracing setup is a combination of high-quality components and cutting-edge technology, enabling him to train in optimal conditions and compete with the world’s best online racers.

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