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The Fanatec QR2 is finally available!

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Fanatec is a major player in the sim-racing industry, and has been for 2 decades. The German manufacturer carries so much weight that BMW Racing chose it to equip its competition cars with steering wheels, and that says a lot about Fanatec’s expertise.

Among the various products and peripherals offered by the German manufacturer is a Quick Release that connects Fanatec flywheels to various Fanatec bases. This Quick Release was available in 2 versions: QR1 Lite and QR1, each with its own torque limit. Except that these two products are quite old and pale in comparison with the competition, and a revival is long overdue.

At the end of 2022, Fanatec showed us a prototype of its new QR, named QR2. Ah well, they weren’t going to give it a weird name, and the most beautiful things are often the simplest. We had to wait almost a year after the QR2 prototype appeared to finally see the final version, or rather final versions, and it’s magnificent. This new QR promises to solve all the problems present in the QR1/QR1 Lite, as well as having a new trick up its sleeve.

Fanatec’s new QRs

Fanatec QR2

As with Fanatec’s first Quick Releases, QR2s are available in several versions; 3 to be precise. So we have the QR2 Lite, aimed at smaller budgets, and the CSL range. A notch above, we have the QR2, which is perfect for budding riders and ClubSport range peripherals, but is also compatible with the CSL and Podium ranges. And finally, we have the QR2 Pro, which is compatible with peripherals from the CSL, ClubSport and Podium ranges, with an emphasis on the latter, as well as being FIA-compliant, making it suitable for use in a race car.

The QR2 Lite

qr2 lite

Fanatec’s budget-friendly Quick Release option is, unsurprisingly, the QR2 Lite. This Quick Release uses carbon-fiber-reinforced composite for its structure, which is an embellished way of saying it’s made of plastic.

The shape of the QR2 Lite, compared to the QR1 Lite, hasn’t changed that much. You still have screw slots on the steering wheel, as well as the circle/lug that you need to pull to remove the steering wheel from the base. However, the base mounting system is different with the QR2. Say hello to a brand new rectangular system with hooks on the sides.

The QR2

The QR2 replaces the QR1, and features the same aluminum construction. Design-wise, it’s exactly the same as with the QR2 Lite, because the only difference between these two Quick Releases is the material used.

The QR2 Pro

This is Fanatec’s top-of-the-range Quick Release, in terms of materials, design and compatibility. The QR2 Pro is made from a block of aluminum machined to perfection using CNC machines, unlike the QR2, which is made from ground aluminum. Design-wise, it’s the same as the QR2, just with more gold.

This method of manufacturing the QR2 Pro is crucial, as the Quick Release is FIA-approved and can therefore be used in racing cars. So you can do sim-racing sessions during the week with this QR2 Pro and take it for a track-day in your car at the weekend.

QR2 Base-Side

New QR means new Base-Side, or visible part of the driveshaft if you prefer. Since the QR2 has changed from a round mounting system with balls to a more rectangular mounting system, a change of Base-Side is essential if this QR is to be attached to Fanatec bases.

The German manufacturer has concocted two new aluminum base-sides to replace the circular ones already found on Fanatec bases. So we have one with Type-C connectivity made of black cast aluminum, and one with Type-M connectivity made of silver CNC-machined aluminum.

Type-C is compatible with CSL DD bases (5 and 8 nm, and GT DD as well) and Type-M is compatible with Podium bases (DD1 and DD2). Whichever QR2 you choose, it will be compatible with Fanatec’s two new Base-Sides.

New QR2 prices

Prices for Fanatec’s new QR2s are more or less the same as for the QR1s. The QR2 Lite costs €59.95, the QR2 €99.95 and the QR2 Pro €199.95. For Base-Side, Type-C costs €69.95 and Type-M €149.95.

Of course, there are also bundles for the various combinations of QR2 and Base-Side, with prices ranging from €110 to €300. Please note that at the time of writing, only QR2s are available on the Fanatec website. Base-Sides are currently out of stock, as are bundles.

My opinion on the new QR2s

Honestly, I really enjoyed the new QR2s, especially the gameplay, which is now almost non-existent. The Base-Side’s new design means they don’t move at all when you’re driving, even when you’re driving aggressively. Installing these new QRs (Wheel or Base-Side) won’t take long and is fairly easy to do.

As far as I’m concerned, these are excellent QRs, worthy of Fanatec’s reputation. I recommend them as a bundle to earn up to €10 on your investment.

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