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Simucube 2 Pro : Review and Test

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Sim-racing has undergone many evolutions since it first appeared in the 1980s. In recent years, we have seen an incredible technological advance with the appearance of bases and steering wheels equipped with Direct Drive force feedback.

In this product category, the Finnish brand Simucube (owned by Granite Devices) has taken an important place on the market by offering very refined plug and play products.

We were recently able to test the most powerful Direct Drive steering wheel base in their range: thethe Simucube 2 Pro.

In this article, we will tell you everything we discovered and thought about this Simucube steering wheel base. We will talk to you about its main characteristicswe will tell you what are the advantages and advantages and disadvantages of this model, its price and where you can get it.

The characteristics of the Simucube 2 Pro

The Simucube 2 Pro is the high-end force feedback steering wheel base with Direct Drive. It is one of the most powerful and configurable models ever developed by the brand.

Here is a list of its main features:

  • The Simucube 2 Pro is built from solid metal parts precision-machined metal parts.
  • It is equipped with a direct drive brushless motor robotic quality that offers unexpected response rate and torque clarity. The FEM-optimized magnetic motor design produces virtually zero torque ripple and magnetic gearing.
  • The rotation angle of the Simucube 2 Pro is 2160°.
  • It was created to give riders the most accurate experience possible by offering an exceptionally high response rate of 25 Nm of torque.. The torque response rate is adjustable to the rider’s preference.
  • The Simucube 2 Pro is equipped with a dedicated real-time processor of 216 MHz real-time processor in addition to a USB PC interface processor of 144 MHz dedicated. The unique dual processor architecture ensures zero impact on the performance of ultra-low latencyeven when all processing and simulation actions are running simultaneously.
  • The engine of the Simucube 2 Pro Direct Drive is equipped with angle sensors precision industrial robotics with a resolution of 4 million steps per revolution.
  • Thanks to high-efficiency direct-drive operation, optimized motors and intelligent electronic heat management, there is no dust collection or noisy fans in the Simucube 2 Pro.
  • The Simucube 2 Pro is equipped with the SC2 Ready wireless technology wireless technology and a QuickRelease.
  • This model comes with a externally mountable torque-off button. As an option, the button box can be upgraded to an elegant all-metal version with an additional external power switch.
  • The Simucube 2 Pro is only compatible with the PC only. In terms of games, it works with iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, F1, Dirt Rally, WRC 9 and many others.
    However, it is not compatible with the following games: Forza Horizon/Motorsport, Need for Speed games, Art of Rally, Circuit Superstars, WRC 6 & 7, V-Rally, FM7 and FH3.
simucube 2 rear

The advantages of the Simucube 2 Pro

We had the chance to test by ourselves the Simucube 2 Pro and this model revealed to have manyadvantages.

First of all, the build quality of the Simucube 2 Pro is remarkable. Entirely covered in metal with anodized finishes, this model is extremely solid and robust and this is immediately apparent, if only by its weight. All the electronics that this model is equipped with are placed in the base housing, which facilitates all cable management. The housing even serves as a heat sink for the unit, allowing for very quiet cooling of the motor. The base has a truly professional look, with perfect finishes in each of its components. Everything is thought out and taken care of to the millimeter.

But what particularly won us over from the Simucube 2 Prois its its incredible return of force and the tenfold sensations that it offers us. Equipped with a Direct Drive system with a torque of 25 Nm and a rotation angle of 2160°, this model allows you to feel all the subtle details of the race. The force feedback is very powerful but also smooth and fast, allowing you to easily make the necessary changes while driving. The effect of realism is there and it is really bluffing.

In our opinion, what guarantees the power of the Simucube 2 Prois also its software. Indeed, True Drive which is the software provided by the brand for the settings is really well developed and we have to admit that it is far ahead of the competition. True Drive has the ability to translate your SIM card information into your hands in a clinically accurate and lightning fast manner. You can create presets by game or by car in the software, which benefits the ease of use.

It’s a program that’s pretty easy to get started with and offers you a lot of customization options and there are great videos explaining all the different settings.

Finally, we really appreciated the wireless steering wheel technology technology, which the Simucube 2 Pro is equipped and is very impressive. It’s very easy to set up and we didn’t notice any latency compared to a wired steering wheel. This is a great option since having a wireless steering wheel saves you money on USB ports and you don’t have to worry about wire layout.

The disadvantages of the Simucube 2 Pro

We have made no secret of the fact that we have been seduced by the many advantages of the Simucube 2 Probut we must also admit that we found some disadvantages.

Of course, one of the biggest negative points of the Simucube 2 Pro in our opinion, is its high price. Not everyone can afford a steering wheel base at almost 1500 €. Especially since you will have to add the price of a steering wheel to the budget, if you don’t have one yet and therefore have to buy a complete set. Not to mention the accessories… The Simcube 2 Pro is certainly a very high quality model whose price can be justified and which is rather designed for very experienced gamers, but that doesn’t mean that these gamers all have an expandable wallet.

Then, another of the disadvantages of the Simucube 2 Pro is thatit is only compatible with the PC. This limits its use to PC players only. At the price of this model, we think it’s a shame that it can’t be used on the new generation PlayStation or Xbox consoles that many Sim-racers love.

Finally, we find that the fact that the Simucube 2 Pro is so heavy can also be a disadvantage. Indeed, beyond the simple fact that the weight of this model (11.1 kg) can be quite annoying for its assembly and installation, you should also keep in mind that not all sim-racing platforms are able to support its weight or power. Pay close attention to this if you are interested in the Simucube 2 Pro.

Where to get it and for how much?

The base Simucube 2 Pro is available for sale on this site at a price of 1190 €. Simucube works with a number of resellers around the world and this is the lowest price you can find for this product.

simucube 2 unboxing

In Brief / Conclusion

The Simucube 2 Pro is clearly a high-end steering wheel base high-end steering wheelThere is really no doubt about it for us. This model, of a high quality manufacturingimpressed us with its its power and precision. It is one of the most popular models intuitive that we had the opportunity to test.

Its force feedback is extremely powerful and fluid at the same time, the sensations and details it offers during the race are just incredible. Thanks to its True Drivesoftware, you can find the settings that work best for you to further improve your gaming performance.

If you’re looking for a Direct Drive steering wheel base that will last you a long time, won’t let you down and has the added benefit of being equipped with wireless technologytechnology, then choose the Simucube 2 Pro. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

simucube 2 reviews

Simucube Pro 2

A powerful and precise high-end Direct Drive base

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