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Moza SR-P : Test & Review

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Moza SR-P


  • All-metal structure
  • Load Cell brake pedal
  • Excellent manufacturing quality
  • Adjustable pedals


  • Not compatible with consoles
  • Clutch and gas pedal pedals with identical feel
  • Load Cell with short stroke

Our rating : 9.5/10

Moza Racing may be a newcomer to the sim-racing industry, but this Chinese manufacturer has nonetheless managed to develop and market a fairly wide range of racing peripherals. Its catalog includes several Direct Drive bases – of excellent quality, by the way – as well as steering wheels, cranksets and other racing accessories.

But the market in which this Chinese brand operates is highly competitive, with names that have been in the game for years, if not decades. To name but a few, we have Fanatec and Thrustmaster which are the must-have sim-racing brands, with quality products but totally different target audiences. As you can see, Thrustmaster is aimed at all sim-racing enthusiasts and beginners, with a broad and, above all, console-compatible catalog. For Fanatec, the story is slightly different: while the German manufacturer offers console-compatible products, it also has high-end peripherals for racing drivers.

And what about Moza? Well, the Chinese manufacturer does exactly what Fanatec does. Among the products offered by Moza, we have the crankset SR-P the brand’s budget-friendly offering in the Load Cell. In what follows, we’ll take a closer look at this pedalboard.


Main features and technical specifications of the crankset

  • Metal structure with aluminum pedals
  • Load Cell on brake pedal for up to 100 kg of force
  • Fully adjustable pedals
  • Device available with 2 pedals in standard configuration, but upgradable to 1 clutch pedal
  • PC compatible only via USB cable
  • Adjustable via software



If you’ve ever seen Moza Racing’s peripherals, you’ll know there’s a resemblance between them and those of the competition, especially Fanatec. Honestly, I don’t mind, and I think the SR-P is a fine product.

The metal structure is finished in black powder paint. It’s beautiful, I must admit, and the quality is there in this product. It has to be said that Moza Racing has only been in the game for a few years, but has still managed to offer quality peripherals that are above all beautiful, and I love them.

Let’s go back to the colors. So, the structure is in powder black, but the pedal plates tend slightly towards grey. I think this two-tone color is beautiful, and I imagine it will be the same for you. All in all, the SR-P is a fine product that will go perfectly with any set-up.


Customized assembly

You should be aware that the SR-P will arrive fully disassembled, so you’ll have to assemble it yourself. But don’t worry, you don’t need a master’s degree in construction to carry out this operation: each pedal is held in place by 4 screws, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Apart from that, you’ll note that the SR-P must be mounted on a chassis and not on the ground. Sure, you’ve got a few rubber pads, but I’d advise you to forget about putting this pedalboard directly on the floor or on a carpet. Let’s not forget, this is a Load Cell pedalboard, and if this peripheral isn’t mounted to a rig, it’ll end up in the south, tanning in the sun, leaving you leaden.


Manufacturing and finishing

For the structure, Moza offers us steel with the SR-P, and aluminum for the pedals. It’s beautiful, superbly crafted and finished to an exemplary standard. The structure is made of metal for strength and sturdiness. The pedals are aluminum, but very solid all the same.

The paint is flawless, and powder-coated for structure. As for the pedals, they’re a bit slick, but the paintwork is of very good quality. As for the parts making up this pedalboard, everything is perfect, without the slightest flaw. It has to be said that Moza Racing has mastered manufacturing, and its products are of excellent quality, on a par with the competition.


Getting to know the pedals

The SR-P is a pretty standard pedalboard in your hands, as well as offering a great deal of customization when it comes to pedal placement. The support plate has 11 holes for mounting the pedals more or less wherever you want. If you’re looking for a very close pedal position, it’s possible. What’s more, you can have 2 or 3 pedals with the SR-P, at an extra cost of course. Nothing is free in this world, I’m afraid.

What’s more, the pedals themselves are highly adjustable, allowing you to position them as you see fit, greatly increasing the grip of this pedalboard, or rather the foot-hold. Speaking of pedals, you should know that the gas pedal, and the clutch if you opt for this one, have more or less the same resistance, and it’s light, almost like a switch. On/Off.


Sensations during play

I’ll now move on to the sensations that the SR-P from Moza Racing can provide. Once the hardware and software configuration phase is complete, you’re ready to get to work on the tracks with this Load Cell pedalboard.

As for the gas pedal and clutch, there’s not much to say about these two pedals, as they are virtually identical in terms of feel. The throttle plate is large and the pedal is sensitive, for better engine speed control. For the clutch, if you opt for this one of course, is almost identical to the feel, which is a bit of a shame as far as I’m concerned.

Let’s move on to the star of the show: the brake pedal and its Load Cell. On paper, we have a spring and an elastomer, and therefore a two-stage Load Cell, as found on virtually every other crankset in the segment. The only difference with the competition is that the SR-P uses one sensor for load cell and another for angle of attack. It sounds great, but it’s really just a magnetic sensor that’s a tad more complicated, more premium.

This angle sensor, coupled to the spring, is used to register light braking. It’s good, with very few dead zones. That’s a big plus, especially when compared with other pedalboards that have a slight no-effect zone. However, not everything is perfect with the SR-P, and it starts to feel like an entry-level product as soon as the foot reaches the Load Cell area.

The principle of the LC is that the harder you push on the pedal, the more the elastomer compresses and becomes hard, allowing you to better control braking. Except that with the SR-P, as soon as you’re on the first part of the LC, the pedal becomes hard, and if the ABS isn’t activated, your wheels will start to lock. On titles that have ABS by default, this isn’t a problem, but on racing simulations (iRacing, ACC, etc.) where ABS is off on virtually all competitions, it’s frustrating to fight the wheels every time you want to get more feel by braking just a little harder.



As with virtually all Moza products, the SR-P is compatible with the PC platform only, but is not limited to the Chinese manufacturer’s ecosystem. Thanks to the USB cable, you can use this pedalboard with any sim-racing setup.

As far as titles are concerned, there’s no real limit, as long as they’re PC-compatible.


Value for money

Priced at €199, the SR-P offers good value for money if you don’t need the clutch pedal, which costs €60. Opposite it, we have the Fanatec CSL Pedals LC, which is in 3-pedal configuration, but with an LC that takes less force.


My verdict

For the Moza SR-P, I have a mixed opinion: I really liked the finish of this pedalboard and its high level of adjustability, as well as its compatibility with any PC rig. The angle sensor is nice for light braking, but the Load Cell left me wanting more, especially on tracks where there’s no ABS.

If you’re an amateur racer who wants to have fun and improve on titles like Forza Motorsport, I recommend the Moza SR-P with ABS engaged. For riders on ACC, iRacing, rFactor and all the rest, the SR-P is a budget-friendly crankset, and I advise you to upgrade to Moza.

gt dd pro

Moza SR-P

Very solid, budget-friendly crankset

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