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Jimmy Broadbent joins forces with MOZA Racing: A stunning collaboration that will thrill you!

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The world of racing simulation has undergone a major evolution in recent years. Racing games and simulators are becoming more and more popular and simulation racing competitions are now followed by millions of fans around the world. In this ever-changing world, Jimmy Broadbent and MOZA Racing have decided to partner to provide an unforgettable racing experience for fans.

MOZA Racing is a Chinese company specialized in the manufacture of racing simulation equipment. It recently launched its 21Nm R21 direct drive wheel base, which is considered one of the best simulation wheels on the market. It also offers accessory lines such as the ES Steering Wheel and the HGP H Pattern shifter for an even more immersive gaming experience.

The partnership between Jimmy Broadbent and MOZA Racing is designed to take the racing simulation experience to a whole new level. MOZA Racing becomes the sponsor of the real-world racing and content creation activities of Jimmy Broadbent, one of YouTube’s most popular racing game content creators with over 800,000 subscribers.

In a recent statement, Jimmy Broadbent expressed his excitement to work with MOZA Racing this year in both its simulation and real-world races. He noted MOZA’s infectious passion for racing, and said he looks forward to seeing what the future holds for them. Simulation racing fans can look forward to an unforgettable racing experience with this combination.

MOZA Racing highlighted its partnership with Jimmy Broadbent by displaying its branding on his racing helmet at a test of the classic Ford Mustang at Silverstone with Alex Brundle, as well as at a go-karting event at Buckmore Park. This is further evidence of the confidence MOZA Racing has in this partnership and in Jimmy Broadbent’s expertise in the world of simulation racing.

Last year, Jimmy Broadbent won the UK-based Praga Cup alongside Gordie Mutch. Although he now owns this car, he did not participate in the successor of the Britcar Prototype Cup. Its racing plans for 2023 have yet to be revealed, but with this new partnership, fans can expect an incredible racing experience.

The partnership between Jimmy Broadbent and MOZA Racing is great news for simulation racing fans. Both companies share the goal of taking the racing simulation experience to a whole new level and providing fans with an exceptional and unforgettable journey.

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