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Heusinkveld Handbrake : Test & Review

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Heusinkveld Sim Handbrake V2


  • Incredible build quality
  • High quality materials
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent sensations


  • High price
  • Difficult to grasp by beginners
  • PC compatible only

Sim-racing enthusiasts know how important it is to add a handbrake to your complete equipment for a truly realistic racing experience.

And when it comes to the handbrake, there is a model that has made a lot of noise on the market: the Heusinkveld Sim Handbrake V2.

We have tested this model for you and we are going to tell you everything you need to know about it. We will tell you about its main characteristics, the type of player it is best suited for, its advantages and disadvantages, its price and where to buy it.


The characteristics of the Heusinkveld handbrake

The Heusinkveld Sim Handbrake is a versatile, pressure-sensitive USB handbrake simulator using load cell technology.

Here is a list of its main features:

  • All structural parts are made of CNC precision laser cut steel with a sandblasted or finely textured powder coat finish . It is strong, rigid and durable.
  • This model has a wide range of mechanical adjustments to set the handbrake to your liking.
  • A 2-stage spring system provides resistance when pulling the lever. An initial metal coil spring simulates the gap between the pad and the disc and/or the play on the handbrake cable. The stroke and preload of this spring are adjustable. You can also remove this initial coil spring if you wish.
  • The main load on the brake is a simulator that compresses the exclusive Heusinkveld elastomers, giving an unprecedented progressive braking sensation. A total of 3 elastomers are provided to define a soft, medium or hard handbrake feel.
  • The lever can be set in either horizontal or vertical position and there is fine adjustment up to 26 degrees to set the exact position of the lever.
  • The Heusinkveld handbrake is equipped with a 120 kg load cell that offers up to 22 kg of real force measured at the lever. The handbrake force measurement is linear.
  • The Heusinkveld handbrake comes with SmartControl, a powerful configuration tool that allows you to set up your handbrake in a way that was not possible before. It allows you to instantly map output curves (non-linear), dead zone and handbrake force.
  • All settings can be saved in profiles, which can be reloaded with a few mouse clicks and it is possible to exchange profiles between Heusinkveld handbrake owners.
  • There are several options for mounting this handbrake on your simulator. The base itself can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical position.
  • The Heusinkveld handbrake is compatible with the PC / Windows platform. It cannot be used on consoles such as Xbox or Playstation.


For what type of person?

The Heusinkveld handbrake is ideal for rally fans, skidding and drifting enthusiasts and for fans of games such as WRC 10, Assetto Corsa or Dirt Rally 2.0. But nothing prevents you from using it also with games like simularcarde.

Heusinkveld products are intended for regular and professional players. Therefore, this handbrake model is not the most suitable for beginners who may need some practice before they can master it.

The Heusinkveld handbrake was designed for PC gamers, so it is not suitable for Sim-racing gamers on PlayStation or Xbox.

Handbrake heusinkveld test

Its advantages

We had heard great reviews about the Heusinkveld handbrake and our test of this model confirmed that it has many advantages.

First of all, like all the products of the brand, the Heusinkveld handbrake is of an incredible quality of manufacture and its materials are in the top of the range. This model is made of three millimeter thick, laser-cut, powder-coated steel from which Heusinkveld makes its pedals, and the build quality is truly brilliant. The handbrake design is also of high quality as it looks like a real R5 rally car handbrake (WRC2). The holes that have been drilled in the lever itself are a pretty clever way to get the right look.

We were then really seduced by the adaptability and the feeling that the Heusinkveld handbrake offers us. This model is very pressure sensitive thanks to its load cell and it offers a myriad of adjustment options so you can tailor the feel of the lever to your liking. If you want to force yourself to pull the lever when you turn the car aggressively, you can increase the power to 22 kilos, which is not uncommon.

Moreover, thanks to Heusinkveld’s SmartControl software, you can create different profiles for different cars or games, as well as make all the necessary adjustments to best fit the lever to what you are looking for. This gives you more sensitivity, which makes it easier to maneuver the car.

For even more comfort, it can be adjusted in several combinations to suit the needs of the cockpit as well as the taste of the pilot. You can ride it lying down, like in a normal car, or standing up, like in a WRC car, whichever you prefer.

Finally, the Heusinkveld handbrake is a model that is really easy to install and offers several possible mountings. All the tools or accessories needed for mounting are provided with the handbrake and it is pre-drilled to easily attach it to your chassis or other support. This model is fully plug-and-play, you just need to connect it to your PC via USB and it will be automatically recognized. All you have to do is make the configurations you deem necessary on the SmartControl software, which is very easy to use.


Its disadvantages

You have understood that we were seduced by the Heusinkveld handbrake and its many advantages. Nevertheless, this model has some disadvantages.

Obviously, the biggest disadvantage of the Heusinkveld handbrake is its high price. The Dutch brand’s products are known for their professional quality and this is clearly reflected in their prices. Once you get into the high-end category and into the professional sim-racing equipment, the prices are inevitably higher and are therefore not really accessible to everyone. Even though this handbrake model is of very good quality, we recognize that its high price is a negative point that does not allow everyone to be able to add this exceptional accessory to their set-up.

We also found the Heusinkveld handbrake to be a little resistant at first or for those not used to using a handbrake of this type. As we mentioned earlier, this model is particularly aimed at a seasoned or even professional player and can be difficult to grasp for beginners.

Finally, like other products of the brand, the Heusinkveld handbrake is unfortunately only compatible with the PC, running Windows 10 or later. This is a difficult finding for Sim-racing players on Xbox or PlayStation consoles, who therefore cannot use it. This further reduces the number of players targeted by this model.

heusinkveld sim handbrake v2

Where to get it and for how much?

The Heusinkveld Sim Handbrake V2 is available for sale on the Digital Motorsport website.

Its price varies depending on the country from which you buy and where you have it delivered. If you buy from France, you have to pay 294 € for the Heusinkveld handbrake.



We knew there was little chance of being disappointed by a Heusinkveld product but this handbrake really won us over!

We found almost no faults with the Heusinkveld Sim Handbrake, which is a model with very high quality workmanship, highly customizable and offers great sensations during play.

For those who love to play WRC 10 or Dirt Rally 2.0, there is no doubt that the Heusinkveld handbrake is a more than wise investment.


Heusinkveld Sim Handbrake V2

A high quality steering wheel that offers excellent sensations

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