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Fanatec special offer: CSL DD takes advantage of a great promotion

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It’s not unusual to see big names in the sim-racing industry offering discounts on their flagship products, as is the case with Logitech with its G29 and G923 which are normally sold at €430 inc. VAT, but are most often found in the €350 range on the brand’s website, even if these products are sometimes considerably cheaper elsewhere.

It has to be said that sales periods are most often those when people make their purchases for obvious savings reasons. It’s simple: if a product is less expensive, you can afford more options with a specific budget. For sim-racing, it’s exactly the same thing. With a budget of around €400, the choices were rather limited for a branded, high-performance bundle; only the Logitech G29/G920 and Thrustmaster T300RS/GT could be considered, given that they come in at under €400. But that has just changed with the new promo from Fanatec who offers us his CSL DD from 5 nm to just 199.95 € INCL. VAT (delivery included) if you take it with a steering wheel and pedalboard, giving you a complete, high-quality setup for just €399, including VAT and delivery.

What does the new Fanatec promo involve?

As in the world of fashion and ready-to-wear, sim-racing device manufacturers take advantage of sales periods to sell more products at unbeatable prices. Such is the case with Fanatec ‘s new promotion on its Ready2Race bundle, which includes a 5 nm CSL DD base and a steering wheel and crankset to choose from the manufacturer’s extensive catalog.

You can, for example, have the CSL DD, a CSL Steering Wheel P1 V2 and CSL Pedals for €399.85 including delivery, which is honestly a surreal price. It’s worth noting that the basic CSL DD costs €350, and with this promotion – because the discount applies to the base, even if you can find other, cheaper items – you’ll save around €150.

But that’s not all! Pro sim-raceurs who aren’t quite satisfied with the CSL’s 5 nm of torque can purchase the boost kit, which increases the base’s power to 8 nm for just €100 more! Add to that €150 and you’ve got a Load Cell kit for CSL Pedals, propelling your setup from simple to highly realistic, enabling you to smash lap times on circuits the world over.

You’ll find it all on the Fanatec website, in the Ready2Race bundle section. Not happy with the basic bundle? You can configure the one you like best with Fanatec. You can get behind the wheel of a CSL McLaren GT3 V2 if you’re a GT and F1 fan, for just €80 more. You can also choose between, in addition to the others, the CSL Pedal (standard or Load Cell) or the Elite Pedals V2, which is far superior in terms of quality, feel and sensation. And that’s not limited to the flywheels and cranksets, because even the base can be configured for 5 or 8 nm of torque thanks to the boost kit, and on this last point (CSL DD in 8 nm), you’ll save over €200 if you compare it to its initial price.

Are these promotions worth the detour?

Well, yes! From memory, you won’t find a quality, high-performance, communicative Direct Drive base at less than €200 incl. VAT, even when you shop on Chinese sites that sell products tax-free and without delivery charges. With these new promotions, Fanatec has hit hard, and the competition will find it hard to react to this.

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